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Feel GreatAgain

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A series of holistic health programmes designed to improve gut health, detoxify the body and cleanse from harmful organisms.

Feel GreatAgain

Do you struggle with bloating, gas and digestive issues? 

Or perhaps you have persistent skin issues, fatigue or chronic pain?

I created the Wellness Programme to help find a solution to these problems. 

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The programmes:

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works for you

The Wellness Programme

This 12 week programme combines the most powerful methods of healing, designed to improve gut health, detoxify the body and cleanse from harmful organisms, with 1-2-1 coaching.

Group Parasite Cleanse

Parasites are responsible for a variety of health problems and one of the most overlooked causes of ill health. Designed for the first time cleanser and delivered in a group setting.

Self-Sabotage Programme

Self-sabotage involves behaviours and thoughts that keep you away from what you desire most in life. We tap into the subconscious mind to help you start reaching your full potential.


I know how it feels to wake up everyday plagued by symptoms, to plan your life around your illness and to be left helpless when no one can give you answers. 

That’s why I spent 6 years searching for a solution, to learn what Doctors couldn’t tell me. I visited experts across the U.K and America, I studied courses and read books like my life depended on it – because it did. 

Now, everything I’ve learnt, I’ve put into the Wellness Programme. I’ve combined that knowledge with my experience helping clients, to share these answers and teach you how to heal.

I promise to help you in every way that I can and to be there for you every step of the way. Let’s go on a journey together… 

Jade, x

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Client's Success Stories


I wish I had started the Wellness Programme sooner! It's been one of the best decisions I've made. After following the programme for 12 weeks, I've had pain free periods, no PMS and no bloating. My skin is glowing, my mind is clear, I have so much more energy and my hair is growing back! Friends/family have noticed a massive change in me and I've also gained lots of knowledge! I can't quite put into words how this programme has changed my life. Overall I feel like I've found myself. Thank you Jade!


I saw 3 specialists before doing this programme, all who specialise in holistic health/functional medicine. None of them had a programme like Jade's. It really was what my body needed and I am so thankful I did it. My brain fog cleared up, skin was glowing and a lot of GI issues I had got better! I think every single person can benefit from this programme - your body will thank you for it!


This programme has left me feeling sooooo much better. Flare ups have gone by 80-90%. The few that I did have, were decreased by around 50%. This is AMAZING.I would 100% recommend Jade as her knowledge is extensive and so valuable, to integrate into your everyday life to feel good FOREVER. Thank you so much Jade, for giving me a better quality of life!!


Jade is a fountain of knowledge with all things holistic health. She has helped me balance my hormones, gut health and digestion no end. And best of all, when you feel you're struggling alone, you know that Jade has got your back! She's so delightfully lovely and supportive! X


I started the 12 week programme at the start of the year (2020) and am amazed with the results. I have suffered with Crohn’s disease for the last 10 years, which includes various symptoms, some being fatigue, regular toilet visits and allergic reactions to certain foods. After completing this programme, I have plenty of energy and no longer feel fatigued or rely on caffeine as I once did. The change in diet has done wonders and I no longer crave the bad foods or visit the toilet so regularly. I have successfully reduced my medication and have NEVER felt so good in the last 10 years!! I will continue to use parts of the programme going forward!


I have never felt more alive in my life. My eyes are brighter, my skin is glowing and the energy I have is through the roof - seriously! One thing I will say is, everyone should most definitely do a parasite cleanse, at least a few times a year. You have no idea what is living in your colon!! I am feeling truly amazing - thank you! x