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Why diets fail

Diets are destined for failure by their very nature, because they are designed to be short-term. We can’t make long standing changes to our weight and our health if we’re following restricted and un-educating short term plans.

Once we stop following these diets, what happens next? Usually we go back to the only other way of eating that we know – the one that led us needing to diet in the first place. Before we know it we’re back at square one, feeling more disheartened and discouraged than ever.

Diets don’t put any emphasis on our health. The foods approved or allowed on the plan are not chosen for their health benefits and the nutrients they provide, nor do they consider the detriment low calorie and sugar free foods have on our body.

The goals behind companies providing weight loss plans are not our health or our future – they’re profits. 

Diets don’t consider the fact that everyone is different and do not educate us. Some people have allergies, underlying systemic issues or are malnourished. Individual care and time needs to be taken to address these issues and the weight loss will occur as a secondary factor. The focus should be on our health and not on our weight.

If we take care of our health, our weight will take care of itself.

And thats where we’ve gone wrong, because being slim doesn’t mean being healthy. We want to lose weight to look good rather than to protect ourselves from disease. If only we could see what our bodies looked like on the inside, I’m sure that would change a few views.

Every time we choose a diet we set ourselves up for failure and it’s frustrating. Let’s change our lifestyle and get on the road to long term success. Let’s educate ourselves so that we can take the control back and lead the lives we want to live.

Only then can we truly become the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves.



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