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A smoothie a day…

…keeps the Doctor away. At least, thats what I say 🙂

I make a smoothie every single morning as my first meal of the day.

They are quick, easy and instantly provide you with an array of nutrients.

After a long night of fasting, blitzing up nutrient dense foods and knocking them back helps your body get off on the right start for the day. You are instantly filled with energy that will leave you happily running for your train to work.

It’s a great way of eating foods you don’t particularly like the taste of. Masked behind other flavours you can even enjoy them! Sometimes getting your required amount of fruits and veggies in can be difficult. By having them first thing, you’re already done for the day!

When we talk about smoothies most people think of fruit smoothies, but actually vegetable smoothies are much healthier.

Fruit is great for the flavour, but can be very high in sugar. Try using one or two pieces of fruit and make up the rest with leafy greens, spinach and kale, which will feed your body at a cellular level and keep you very healthy!

We’re all in a rush in the morning. We press that snooze button one too many times and then run around the house wondering whether today will be the day we actually miss that train. You probably couldn’t get a quicker meal – some chopping, some chucking and some blending, then voila, breakfast is served. You can even take it with you!

They are very easy to digest and will probably be through your system in as little as 30 minutes. Smoothies also help your body detoxify. When we’re bombarded by toxins on a daily basis, a daily smoothie will help us combat these.

My personal favourite smoothie is;

2 sticks of celery, a chunk of cucumber, a handful of spinach and kale, half a lemon (rind and pips included), a slice of ginger, an apple, a carrot, a handful of raspberries, 2 tbsp chai seeds, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 1 tbsp turmeric powder, aloe vera juice and water.

If you want to be extra healthy, add in items high in chlorophyl; wheatgrass, chlorella, spiriluna, coriander, parsley and other green vegetables. Your body will be sure to thank you!

Happy blending 🙂


Get creative and get healthy x.x

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