Why I always choose organic

“Organic food is no better than traditional food.”

“Organic food is expensive.”

“Organic food is only for those interested in the environment.”

That’s what I hear when I tell people I buy organic food. Those sorts of statements make me realise the message is getting lost somewhere.

Being healthy can be expensive, but so is being unhealthy. Only one costs your wealth, and the other costs your health.

Is organic food expensive or is it “expensive” compared to the cheaply made traditional food?

Study after study shows organic food as much more nutritious than traditional food. It’s grown in high quality soil, it’s free from pesticides and it’s not genetically modified or enhanced in any way. It’s natural and high quality.

Non organic farmers have over 320 pesticides at their disposal, and they use them.

These chemicals were originally developed as a toxic nerve agent during WWI. Carbendazim is one of the most commonly applied pesticides (on apples, cucumber, grapes, pre-packed salads, spinach and more) despite evidence linking it to developmental damage that could lead to cancers, developmental problems and birth defects.

As adults our bodies are incredible at fighting off such toxins, but children are much more susceptible, especially given the above.

Choosing organic meat lessens your exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and drugs. These are fed to the animals in order to protect them from disease and increase their size – the bigger they get, the more meat to sell! These drugs destroy the good bacteria in our gut which are paramount for protecting us against disease, absorbing nutrients and maintaining our immune system.

When you choose organic food, you also get a cast-iron guarantee that your food is GM-free because organically reared livestock cannot be fed on genetically modified feed.

And finally, it simply tastes better! Although no wonder when you consider everything in and on the produce mentioned above.

So try for yourself and see if you notice the difference – not just to taste, but to your health 🙂

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