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Which oil to cook with?

I’ve always used olive oil for cooking as it has anti-inflammatory compounds, heart healthy macronutrients and its full of antioxidants. Then coconut oil came along rather suddenly, claiming to be the healthiest and I should put down the olive… but is it really?

Well it turns out that they’re both pretty healthy, it just depends on how we use them.

When oils are heated to their smoke point their chemical composition changes, which means some of their health benefits begin to diminish. Olive oil’s smoking point is fairly low which makes this oil best for consumption at room temperature. I therefore use this as my go-to oil for dressing salads and fish.

Be sure to purchase organic, extra Virgin olive oil as regular, refined or light varieties have often been extracted with solvents, treated with heat or mixed with other cheaper oils.

Now when it comes to cooking I opt for coconut oil, as it takes longer for the chemical composition to change. Coconut oil is anti-fungal meaning it fights the bad bacteria in our bodies and keeps our internal terrain in balance. It also helps convert bad cholesterol to good cholesterol.

I sometimes add a teaspoon into my smoothies to increase my good fat intake and reap its benefits, especially if I’m consuming raw food all day so won’t be using it for cooking. Whilst the hype around coconut oil is deserved, olive oil still remains a strong player and using both for different uses and meals will mean you reap all of the benefits!


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