The rise of healthy eating

Is healthy eating just a trend?

Why are people suddenly so fearful of gluten?

What’s the obsession with a photographed bowl of oats?

The amount of people looking to consume a diet free from gluten, dairy and other highly allergenic foods is on the rise – but why? Is there really cause for concern?

Unfortunately the manufacturing process has changed dramatically over the past few years. Where our Grandparents could enjoy a loaf of bread harmlessly, this now contributes to our digestive issues with every slice. The process includes using cheaper produce such as sugar, preservatives and chemicals, to both make it cheaper, but also to making it quicker (because time is also money)! The corn crop used to make bread is also sprayed with highly toxic pesticides, which studies have shown permeate holes in our gut lining, resulting in leaky gut syndrome.

The same goes for most of our crops, the pesticides used today are highly damaging to our health. These foods, such as our fruit and vegetables, are also genetically modified to speed up the process, which reduces their quality. Unless we are buying organic, we are consuming toxically sprayed, genetically modified, low quality, nutrient lacking foods, which is resulting in a malnourished population.

Dairy products are also no longer made in the same fashion. The demand is high, which means cows are constantly stimulated with synthetic hormones to keep them producing milk, over and over and OVER again. This leads them to become highly stressed and fatigued, until in the end they die of exhaustion. These synthetic hormones are passed on in the milk, along with stress hormones and the antibiotics they are fed to keep these stressed out, over worked animals disease free. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, keeping these cows in confined caged conditions increases the risk of bacteria in the milk, such as salmonella and shigella being the most common. All of these cause detriment to the gut, so people are now looking for other alternatives, such as coconut, hemp, almond or goats milk (which is not met with the same demand).

Our diets should be high in good fats, raw food, fruit and vegetables, quality sources of protein and essential fatty acids, but instead our staple food has become sugar. This is found in nearly every single manufactured product, which wreaks havoc on our body. Sugar feeds cancer cells, it suppresses our immune system, it feeds the bad bacteria in our bodies, feeds yeast and leads to both diabetes and obesity, to name but two diseases we become at risk for. In addition, sugar keeps our body in an acidic state. Naturally our bodies are slightly alkaline and need to be in order to remain disease free. Once they become acidic from the foods we eat, we are then left vulnerable.

The other reason people are becoming healthier is because there is an all time high of allergies and food sensitivities. People are making the association between gluten and the impact on their gut; the digestive issues which follow, the flatulence, the constipation, etc. The link between dairy and our sinuses; the runny nose, the mucous, the sore throats, etc. It’s now just not worth paying the price.



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