Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Do you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections? Did you know that it’s actually a sign of something bigger going on in your body?

It means you have an internal bacterial imbalance.

A UTI is an infection caused by bad bacteria in the urinary tract, most commonly caused by sex. But why are some people more prone to it than others? Some people are more vulnerable because their good bacteria is insufficient and therefore unable to combat the bad bacteria when it comes in.

If you visit a Doctor with this condition you’ll be given antibiotics because these remove big batches of bacteria in a targeted area. However these drugs do not discriminate and therefore wipe out our good bacteria along with the bad, which then leaves us defenceless and prone to further infections. This is the reason you will likely suffer from reoccurring UTI’s.

What else causes destruction of our good bacteria?

A whole host of things! You could have been left vulnerable following vaccinations as a child, which then led to repeated ear infections and antibiotics as a result. A diet high in refined sugar and yeast, which is a diet which feeds bad bacteria and destroys good bacteria. Shock, trauma or a serious infection such as food poisoning can also be a catalyst, along with many others.

So what’s the best course of action?

Many people turn to cranberry juice for help with the reason being that this contains a specific type of sugar which targets the offending bacteria and drags it from your tract, out in your urine. However, because cranberry contains little of this sugar it requires you to drink a lot of it to see a result, which in itself is not that good for you. This also isn’t a long-term cure.

You need to treat the underlying cause in order to prevent repeat infections which involves rebalancing your internal terrain. To do this you need a high quality probiotic for your gut health, such as this one –

You also need a probiotic which specifically targets urinary tract health, to increase the amount of good bacteria quickly in this area, such as this one –

Include prebiotic foods in your diet in order to feed and promote the growth of these bacteria such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir. Be sure to get organic and unpasteurised products in order to get the highest quality. My favourites products of these are on the following links;

Sauerkraut / Kimchi –

Kefir –

Reduce your sugar intake from refined foods, alcohol and yeast from bread. You should also always use a condom as this will prevent the amount of bad bacteria entering in the first place.

How to combat an active infection

The above is a long-term plan which will take time, usually around 6 months depending on how committed you are. Meanwhile, you may experience UTI’s so here is a quick-fix approach to minimise your suffering.

As soon as you feel the onset of an infection, take D-Mannose. These contain the sugar found in cranberries but at an effective dosage level, in order to eradicate the bacteria efficiently and effectively. I suggest keeping some in the cupboard ready for when it’s needed –

You probably already know to drink lots of water to flush our the bacteria, but with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar added, the alkalising effect will reduce your discomfort almost instantly! You can also sit in a bath with ACV too which alleviates the stinging sensation.

Make sure you steer clear of sugar and alcohol while suffering and always act as soon as you can in order to avoid the need for antibiotics.

Long-term implications

As recurring UTI’s are an indication of an internal struggle, it’s important you address these before additional symptoms are experienced. This could lead to auto-immune disease and food intolerances. You could also consider undergoing a gut healing programme to help heal internally and halt any progression towards disease.

Any questions or assistance with any of the above I’d be happy to help. Just pop me an email at

Stay happy and stay healthy!

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