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The magic of Kefir

I’d heard a lot of things about Kefir, especially in the communities looking to improve gut health, auto-immune conditions, acne and Paleo supporters. However I wasn’t quite convinced it would be right for me due to my lactose intolerance. After the discussions on Kefir continued to pop up all over the place, I decided to bite the bullet and see what the hype was all about.

As some of you know from my Bio, I suffered from acne for years and even now, my skin can be troublesome. I have managed to get this under control from trying numerous methods and doing endless research, but I still long for the day I have beautiful skin and can leave my front door without hiding behind foundation. Perhaps this day is now sooner than I’d first thought!

I took the Kefir as advised, which equates to around half a pint each morning, taken on an empty stomach. The Kefir I chose was from the Chuckling Goat company and mixes Kefir grains with goats milk. After one course my skin erupted with an outbreak of spots which left me slightly worried and wondering if I’d been wrong to put my faith in yet another product. But I persevered and after my third course there was not a spot in sight!! Mixed with the goats milk it actually proves to be a very refreshing and healthy drink.

I’m only 5 weeks in but already I know I’ll be taking this for at least the 6 months recommended (for those with difficult conditions). Taking this in conjunction with a Paleo diet will help alleviate you of many stubborn complaints. I’m now a massive believer and after reading the thousands of reviews on the Chuckling Goat company website, I know I’m not the only one. I’ve taken numerous probiotics but this has trumped them all so far!

For anyone suffering from any skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea), be sure to check this out. It also helps anyone with gut conditions, flatulence, bloating and helps restore the gut flora to a healthy level. For the same Kefir I’m in love with, this is the company website;

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