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Hair that shines

Shannon and I are often asked how we look after our hair, how to grow it so long and what we do to keep it in such good condition.

Our nan has always told us, “your hair is your crown and glory” and she’s so right! Every girl deserves to wear a crown and that’s why we want to share with you, our Top Tips for healthy hair.

TIP 1 – minimise the use of chemicals

Now us girls love to dye our hair, style it with hairspray and wash it in highly perfumed shampoo. All of this isn’t so great for our hair. You can probably tell Shannon and I aren’t strangers to some hair dye, so we’re not saying NOT to use these products – just to limit the use. We NEVER use bleach, but instead opt for high lift tint. This is so much healthier for your hair, especially for long term dying. We NEVER use hair spray, heat spray, mousse or any other “hair care products”. We let our hair just do its thing. Finally, we use organic shampoo and conditioner which contains only natural ingredients (purchased from Tesco). Conventional products use so many chemicals and strip our hair of natural oils and minerals which actually benefit it.

TIP 2- minimise the use of heat

I know, I know, this is a toughy. Hair straighteners and hair dryers are paramount for any girl not wanting to sport a frizzy mess day in day out. I myself use straighteners and could not live without them, so I get it. But what will help your hair is getting some quick wins. Washing your hair early in the evening so that it can naturally dry before you go to bed, and therefore avoiding the use of a hair dryer. Straightening the front of your hair to style it, but leaving the back untouched and unharmed. It’s these small changes that over time will make a difference in improving your hair health.

TIP 3 – eat the right foods

Unfortunately if you’re malnourished and not getting the right nutrients, your hair will be one of the first things to suffer. Having a well balanced diet, high in fruit and vegetables, will make a BIG difference. If you’re eating right but your hair is suffering, it might be that your gut isn’t absorbing nutrients. Following a gut programme to rectify this will help see your hair turn from limp to luscious.

TIP 4 – choose the right supplement

Avoiding a deficiency in fatty acids is particularly important when it comes to hair health. The usual recommendation is fish oil, but actually algae oil is much healthier, along with flax seed oil. The polluted seas are reducing the nutrients fish provide us with, so if we’re going to supplement, we want to make sure we’re getting the best quality available. Therefore algae oil and flax seed oil will provide you the Omega 3 fatty acids required to get hair that truly shines. This is our number one supplement for hair health.

TIP 5 – hair conditioning treatment

If your hair needs a bit of extra love and attention, especially in this cold blustery weather, using coconut oil as a hair conditioning treatment can be extremely beneficial. This avoids the use of chemicals in the commercial products, by using an enriching but natural formula, which helps add moisture to dry hair.

So there you have it. We hope these tips help you on your quest to healthy hair!


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