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Why constipation can be the start of disease

It all starts with our diet and our environment. Depending what we consume and absorb, depends on the transit time of our stool. When this slows down, faecal matter starts
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How to perform a salt water flush

A salt-water flush is an ancient yogic healing modality that does an incredible job at flushing the small and large intestines, balancing electrolytes, remineralizing the body and restarting digestion. In
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Getting Started with Essential Oils

Essential oils are such an integral part of a holistic lifestyle. They’re versatile, incredibly healing, easy to implement and support multiple areas of your life. They’re also a great way
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How to manage your cycle naturally

I speak to clients all day long who tell me the implications and long term effects the contraceptive pill had had on them. This ranges from digestive issues, acne and
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