The fact that teenagers are the most common group of people to be prescribed the pill, it saddens me that the risks are never explained. How can anyone make an informed decision without knowing both the risks and benefits? Especially young women who are relying on authority.

Your risk of Crohn’s disease is increased by 300% if you take the pill for 5 years or more.
On progestin-only contraceptives, teenagers are 200% more likely to become depressed.
The pill induces nutritional deficiencies via gut damage which can often be the start of disease.
A study in the U.K. found that couples who had been on the pill, took twice as long to conceive than couples who had been using condoms previously.
The data used in the safety trials of the pill came from women who followed the schedule for just 28 days. What we have now is women using the pill for long term suppression, which is the largest uncontrolled medical experiment on women in history.
In 2005, the world health organisation published that the combined pill could cause cervical, liver and breast cancer.
The pill works by keeping oestrogen at an unnaturally high level all month long – high enough in fact to fool the body into thinking it’s already pregnant!
This raised oestrogen promotes the overgrowth of Candida in the body and makes women more susceptible to yeast infections and other Candida related issues such as infertility, psoriasis, endometriosis and digestive disorders.
A study in Denmark involving more than 1 million women, found that those taking the pill had a notable increase in depression rates.

You can never be truly healthy all the while something synthetic is being put into the body on a regular basis. In order to live a healthy life, this must be our priority – despite the inconvenience of natural contraceptive methods and despite the temporary pain of working through our symptoms rather masking them.

Our health should always come first because if you don’t put it first now, you’ll have to put it first later.

I help support women’s bodies when they come off the pill to reduce the side effects and accelerate regaining equilibrium in the body. For help, send me an email or take a look at the available programmes.

I also have a blog on “how to balance hormones” which is a great starting point.

To health and happiness,

Jade X