Your colon is at the bottom of the drainage funnel. If your colon is backed up, everything upstream from it can become backed up as well. When you’re constipated, you will have a backlog of toxins that are trapped in the body recirculating and making you more toxic.


Your liver processes toxins and releases them into your bile or blood. Toxins moved into your blood are filtered through your kidneys and eliminated in your urine. Toxins moved into your bile are ultimately released into your digestive tract to be excreted through the bowels. Your bile is effectively river of toxins and that river needs to be flowing, moving the toxins along and out of the body. When that river becomes slow, sludgy or stagnant, the toxins can’t be taken out. If your liver can’t push the bile into your bowels to be eliminated from the colon, then a “trapdoor” opens to release it into your bloodstream.


Your lymphatic system carries waste from your tissues, deliver them to be processed by the kidneys and liver and get dumped out of your system through peeing and pooping. Your blood vessels essentially “leak” fluid into your tissues. Your lymph nodes filter out things like viruses, bacteria and toxins, collect the fluid and return it to your blood for further processing. If the lymph isn’t flowing and moving well, the toxins can get stuck in the system.


The organ of focus here is your brain. It has its own lymph-type system called the glymphatic system which clears cellular wastes and fluids. Your glial cells play a big role in cleansing your brain tissue and draining out the trash. This process is key for preventing toxin build up in the brain which can lead to neurological conditions. This activity of brain cleansing mostly happens while you are sleeping.

Your cells are at the very top of the drainage funnel. It’s important that everything below is working so that waste and toxins don’t accumulate in your cells. If they do, it can cause mitochondrial dysfunction. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells. You need good mitochondrial function to supply energy for detox!!