Firstly, a few things to be aware of;

EMFs at night prevent your brain and lymphatic system from detoxing. If you’re not detoxing your brain regularly with sleep, over time you may have an increased risk of dementia.

EMFs effect the pineal gland which is responsible for producing melatonin. Therefore this disruption can lead to sleep issues due to insufficient levels of melatonin being produced in the body to make us feel sleepy.

EMFs prevent the brain from going into delta mode. You need to access this mode to properly sleep, because this is when we repair; 10pm – 2am for physical repair and 2am – 6am for psychological repair.

EMFs suppress the immune system which allows parasites, bacterias, viruses and infections to take over the body.

Heavy metals like to accumulate in the brain and they then act like an antenna in the brain for the WiFi; concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation.

Aluminium and arsenic are particularly a problem due to how many are around us. There are also heavy metals in jet fuel (lead, cadmium, etc) which go into the atmosphere, land on our crops, our skin, etc. Our tap water is polluted, the air around us, in pharmaceutical products and more…

What can you do?
Turn WiFi off at night
Leave your phone outside of the bedroom
Turn off any other electrical equipment in the room at the plug
If you are in a terraced or semi detached house, or a flat, you need to neutralise EMFs because you’ll be exposed to your neighbour’s WiFi signals
Remove metals fillings using a biological dentist
Don’t use aluminium foil
Reduce phone use time
Hardwire cables to all laptops, computers and smart TVs
Perform a heavy metal detox
Include my heavy metal detox smoothie (refer to the blog here)

To get started detoxing from heavy metals, I recommend this fulvic acid product, which remineralises the body enabling the body to gently release metals: BOO

To health and happiness,

Jade, X