This is another questions I get asked a lot and the answer varies…

Firstly, there are of course different types of cleanses; juices, water, charcoal, salt flushes, liver flushes, colon, parasites, heavy metals and so on. Some will be more suitable than others depending on your health goals.

When you’re healing from a chronic illness, you will need to cleanse more than someone who is maintaining their health. When I was on my healing journey, I did the wellness programme twice that year and then followed it once annually for the following 2 years. I’ve now reduced this to bi-annually. However I do embark on “mini cleanses” at various times in the year. Eg. A 5 day juice cleanse, a 3 day mono diet, a 24 water fast, a parasite cleanse twice a year and so on.

What’s most important is that you do make time in your life for cleansing. Whether you choose shorter cleanses but complete one after every holiday season or as you enter every new season, or whether you would rather complete an intense programme once a year or every other year.

Remember, we are ingesting, inhaling, absorbing toxins all of the time. This is what makes proactive detox such an important part of maintaining our health.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X