After taking 1000s of clients through successful parasite cleanses, I’ve discovered some of the most common mistakes people tend to make. I want to share them with you; so you can hopefully avoid these pitfalls!

1. Not opening detoxification pathways. You must be passing bowel movements if you are killing parasites, otherwise how is the body going to remove them? There is more to cleansing than ordering up a product, sitting back and waiting to see results. Ensure you support your body to pass bowel movements.

2. Targeting only parasites. This is only one piece to the puzzle and will not get you long term results. You may pass parasites but they will quickly return and you’ll end up in a never ending cycle of parasite cleansing. You MUST change the internal environment so that they can no longer live there!

3. Using the same herbs. You may find a certain herb or product to be effective so you stick with it — but parasites get used to them. They’re smart, they’re hungry for survival and they can adapt. For optimum success you want to take a multi pronged approach, using a variety of herbs and come at them from different angles.

4. Taking herbs only orally. Not all parasites reside in the gut. You won’t be able to target parasites in the bloodstream, CNS, brain, eyes and other difficult to reach areas, if you only take oral herbs. We have a number of other orifices that can and should be used.

5. Overlooking your intake of parasites. If you’re taking a parasite cleansing product but eating your normal diet, you may be replacing parasites as quickly as you’re attempting to pass them. Parasites frequently reside in farmed fish, stressed out animals, unwashed fruits and vegetables, unfiltered tap water, pork, seafood, undercooked beef and more… following the right diet is also key to success!

If you do a cleanse right, you can see significant changes to your health! Join us on the 6 week parasite cleanse to perform a cleanse that tackles all of the above.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X