This is something I get asked a lot by clients. Please remember, we are all human and whilst it’s important to stick to the programme as best as you can, slip ups or cravings will sometimes get the better of us — and that’s ok.

It’s what we do for the majority of the time that matters. This is about introducing you to a new lifestyle, teaching you protocols and methods you can embed into your life long term, learning the foods which work for you so you can create a long term diet that makes your body happy and something that becomes a lifestyle that you can live easily.

It can be difficult to follow at first if you’re not used to eating this way. It can take time to adjust and for cravings, especially sugar, to subside. This is also something that the parasite cleansing will help with! But like with anything, if we remain consistent, eventually things become habits — and this is when we make those long term changes.

So if you slip up here and there or give in to a craving, don’t beat yourself up. Just get straight back on it with the next food or meal and don’t let it have a knock on effect that ruins the whole day. Eventually, when you start feeling good, you’re in a routine and you’ve formed new habits, you’ll find it easier and easier.

So until then, be kind to yourself and just do your best. It’s a journey!