The pregnancy journey has mostly been very positive, which is why I haven’t shared too much. I’m simply going about my day and baby is cooking nicely, with regular kicks to let me know she’s OK. We turned 28 weeks yesterday!

But with every journey, there are of course sometimes a few lows. This was something I probably wasn’t quite prepared for, which is why I want to share some advice for newly pregnant women.

The medical system will probably work for most people. Those who are happy to trust the Midwife’s experience and advice will go through the process rather happily I’m sure. Unfortunately, as someone who knows what I do and do not want, my desires haven’t always aligned with their procedures — and this can cause a problem.

Please know:
• All medical procedures are OPTIONAL. That includes the scans (ultrasounds), the diabetes test, the extra growth scans, the pelvic exams, the injections and other procedures that get offered along the way. They probably don’t seem like they are because that’s never mentioned, but every procedure has benefits and risks, which you should be informed of before making that choice.
• If you decide against their advice (because you’ve done your own research and decide it’s not best for you), be prepared to exercise your rights. A great support for legal advice is AIMS.ORG.UK.
• It is your right to give birth wherever you choose. Advice can be given and you can choose whether to accept that advice, but you cannot be stopped from birthing where you feel safest and happiest.
• I’ve seen this endlessly on pregnancy support groups, so also wanted to share that; your due date is only an estimate and for this reason, you may go overdue. As you near the 2 week overdue mark, the pressure for an induction will mount and many women at this point, give in to that pressure when they would prefer to wait for things to happen naturally. Providing there is no cause for concern, you are happy and baby is happy, you do not have to be induced. Inductions increase the risk of complications in labour and the need for a C-section.

Above all, whatever you do and decide in your pregnancy, please make sure it’s the best choice for YOU. 

To health and happiness,

Jade, X