Many people suffer with bloating, but just because something is common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal. Being confident and loving your body regardless of bloating I fully support, but I also believe in always looking for the root cause of our every ailment, to ensure we continue living a healthy, happy life.

What causes bloating?

There can be a few things but here are some areas of consideration;

Consuming foods which your body isn’t able to digest properly and / or which you have a sensitivity to.
Leaky gut syndrome. These same foods leak through the gut lining and create system wide inflammation, with bloating being just one of many symptoms.
Insufficient stomach acid which means our digestive enzymes aren’t activated properly.
Insufficient enzymes which means we have difficulty breaking food down.
Slow or irregular transit time which means toxic waste is sitting in the colon, not being removed efficiently.
Pathogens in the gut, stealing our nutrients and releasing toxic gases, such as Candida and tape worms.
An imbalanced microbiome where we have too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, which negatively impacts digestion. This can also make it difficult to lose weight despite our best efforts.

The first step should always be to remove food sensitivities from the diet. Many people do this but once they’re added back in, they’re back to square one. The KEY is to heal the gut whilst these foods are removed and the inflammatory response has been stopped. After the gut has been healed, these foods can be reintroduced without the bloating.

How long it takes to heal the gut varies between individuals. Many factors influence this, such as how long you’ve suffered with symptoms, how closely you’re able to follow the gut healing protocol, how responsive your body is, your external environment, etc.

A big part of the healing process is believing you will heal. Once you have your mind on board you’re halfway there.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X