…does this mean I don’t have parasites?

This is another question I hear a lot. They tried a parasite cleansing product they purchased online, they completed the course of tablets but they don’t feel any better… or they did for a short while, but now all of their symptoms have returned. What does this mean?

What it means is… you need to change your terrain.

We are always coming into contact with parasites. They’re part of life. Like how bacteria is on every surface, parasites are all around us too; in public toilets, on our pets, in contaminated water, in certain foods, unwashed foods and so on. That’s not the problem. When we have a healthy terrain, they come in, the body identifies it and they’re swiftly removed — but the problem most people have is, their internal terrain creates an environment where parasites can stay and thrive.

What contributes to a negative terrain?
• refined foods
• food sensitivities
• chemicals, toxins, pesticides
• medications
• alcohol
• refined sugar
• foods which are acidic
• and so on

This is why completing a parasite cleansing product isn’t always very helpful. It may be successful at sweeping out SOME of the parasites, but without changing this terrain / environment, you will pick up more parasites again sooner or later and the cycle will begin again once more.

Often, if these parasites have lived within for a long time, they are strong and resilient. A handful of herbs isn’t going to be enough, we also need to weaken and starve them with the right diet and work on changing that all important terrain. They may also have migrated to other parts of the body. Using a cleansing product will only tackle the gut — but what about if they’re in the uterus, liver or brain? Your symptoms will remain.

This is why we need a holistic approach.

Join us on the 6 week parasite cleanse to learn how to change your terrain whilst purging parasites.

To health and happiness,

Jade X