A lot of people are now aware that we need to be repopulating the good bacteria in our gut to stay healthy and support our immune system, but something I hear a lot is; “I take probiotics but I haven’t noticed much difference.”

There can be many reasons for that but one of them is that you’re missing DIVERSITY.

This is why I always recommend my clients to rotate their probiotics. Change brand, change strains and change the volumes of strains. Each bacteria has its job and often has some of the bad guys that it keeps under control. When we lack certain strains, this can lead certain bad bacterial strains, yeast and/or fungus to overgrow, which leads to dysbiosis. Once this has happened, using a probiotic alone is unlikely to be enough to improve the overall health of the gut.

A lack of certain strains can also lead to a variety of symptoms — for example, one of the causes of eczema is sometimes a missing bacterial strain. This is why some of my clients are able to heal their eczema within just a couple of weeks, because we’ve filled in the gaps.

When we use the same probiotic products time and time again, similarly to how herbs operate, we get immune to them and they fail to make an impact anymore.

Another common thing I hear is how probiotics worked when they were first introduced, but no further progress seems to be made… we need to switch it up!

I personally rotate between three products that I’ve found work well for me. Not everyone will be the same, sometimes these things are trial and error, as ultimately the strains you’re missing or low on will vary between each person. But ensure they’re high quality, they don’t need refrigerating to survive, the amount of bacteria is in significant volumes and there aren’t added nasties.

On a side note and just because it’s such a popular product.. if you’re taking Yakult as your probiotic, please be aware this contains sugar and sugar kills bacteria.. so you’re already at a disadvantage before it’s even tried to make its way to the gut. Please make sure it’s high quality!

I like these probiotics; >here< and >here<

To health and happiness,

Jade, X