There is a link between Lyme and parasites which people need to be aware of!

Doctors will often revert straight to prescribing antibiotics but this often doesn’t help the patient and can actually exarcabate the problem due to the devastation these cause our gut and our immune system.

Board certified pathologist Alan. B MacDonald MD found three borellia pathogens, including B. Burgdorferi the causative agent of Lyme disease, thriving inside parasitic nematode worms, worm eggs and larvae in tissue. These microscopic worms are endosymbionts, meaning the Borellia bacteria dwell inside the worms. A tick bite delivers the nematode into the human body.

I’m 1984, Lyme pioneer Willy Burgdorfer PhD also wrote of finding nematodes in tick guts.

Many suffer with a whole host of symptoms which can make it difficult to know exactly where to begin with treatment and Doctors are often at a loss on how to help people. This disease can therefore be both mentally and physically challenging for patients.

Parasite cleansing should be the first treatment, before antibiotics in my opinion. If anyone is ever bitten by a tick, complete a parasite cleanse immediately to minimise any potential damage. The wellness programme has helped many Lyme patients improve their symptoms and introduced them to a new form of treatment they otherwise wouldn’t have identified.

For those looking to try their first parasite cleanse, join us on the 6 week cleanse!

To health and happiness,

Jade, X