Detoxing has received some negative connotations over the years, thanks to “quick fix” products and diets. These can often cause more harm than good, as they tend to use laxatives to achieve that “detox” effect or a calorie deficient food plan.

However, proper detoxing is something that’s VITAL for good health and natural healing. If we fail to detox sufficiently our toxic load gets higher and higher, overburdening our organs and immune system. As these vital areas of our body struggle, our internal environment becomes the perfect place for harmful organisms, due to a combination of acidity and toxicity. Over time this then leads to disease.

Our eliminatory organs are the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin, which help us detoxify on a daily basis. The first place to start when detoxing is to support these detoxification pathways, so they can best do their job.

Some of the signs you’re struggling to detox;
You have skin conditions such as acne, as the body pushes these toxins out of the blood and through the skin
You suffer from bloating and wind, as old waste builds up in the colon and sticks to the internal walls
You have smelly sweat, breath or urine, which represents a high amount of internal toxins
You have sinus infections or wake up in the night with breathing difficulties, as your lungs struggle to detoxify

How to start detoxing;
Clean up your diet, with organic produce and whole foods
Support your eliminatory organs with herbs and detox protocols, such as dry brushing and saunas
Embark on organ cleanses with high quality natural supplements, to clear this back log of toxins
Parasite cleanse with anti-parasitic herbs, foods and cleanses

A lack of proper detoxing is why many people struggle to heal, despite having the perfect diet. Help your body so that your body can help you back and remember — detoxing done right is not a gimmick!

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To health and happiness,

Jade, X