There are plenty of causes for Candida such as frequent use of antibiotics, hormonal changes, immune system issues, stress and diet, etc. Many of these causes can be resolved via a gut healing programme and the use of anti-fungal treatments, to rebalance the microbiome.

However, if you’ve suffered with long term candida problems that you’ve been unable to resolve with the usual protocols, then it may be worth considering heavy metal toxicity.

Heavy metals restrain the activity of pathogens.  Pathogens (candida yeast, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses), act as a “buffer” and help protect the body from toxic heavy metals. The pathogens become bound synergistically with the heavy metals, whether in the gut, brain or other body tissues. Without heavy metals you wouldn’t have the persistent candida yeast infection.

Another reason our body allows Candida to proliferate is because Candida (and parasites in general) eat toxic metals. You do have to bring down your metal load if you’re going to get rid of candida long term.

When you remove toxic metals and bring your burden down, you start to strengthen your immune system. A lot of these metals do reduce immune system function. When you start reducing your metal load, your immune system works better and you can start killing off some of the Candida.

Minerals are essential for heavy metals detoxing as they allow the body to release heavy metal ions.  Make sure your mineral base is well established before and during the use of any chelators, as chelation therapy pulls both the good minerals and metals out of the body – like iron, chromium and magnesium – as well as the toxic metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

Also look to assess and address your exposure to EMFs, as WiFi increases the release of mycotoxins by 600x. The more Candida you have, the more mycotoxins are released.

I recommend Aires Tech for EMF protection devices and BOO for replenishing minerals as a first approach against heavy metal reduction.

To health and happiness

Jade, X