This is a very common complaint from my clients. Understanding the causes behind eczema and psoriasis is so important for healing. I’ve helped many clients heal their skin from these conditions, two of which I’ll share here.

The first client (see below) had weeping wounds when she joined my programme, with pus and fluid leaking and requiring steroid cream. After just 3 weeks, these were nearly completely healed (as you can see).

The second client had struggled with eczema her entire life. It massively effective her confidence and self esteem, and had accepted that this was something she had to live with… but after the programme, her skin healed!

So what causes eczema and psoriasis?

Like most conditions, there are multiple areas which can have an impact – but from my experience helping clients, skin disorders and rashes in particular are a sign the gut is in disrepair.

To elaborate on that, there is a growing amount of evidence that an imbalance of bacteria in the gut (dysbiosis) can cause psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.

One study in 2015 showed that people with psoriasis had less gut diversity than healthy individuals. Once we replenish those missing bacteria, we can start to see healing.

Whilst the gut plays an integral part in eczema and psoriasis, it’s not the only area we need to focus. Both toxins and pathogens also play a large role, which is why cleansing the liver and cleansing from parasites, enables us to accelerate healing and see results rather quickly.

The three key areas to focus on are;

Often we need to focus on all three areas for long term results. To get started healing your eczema or psoriasis, the wellness programme can help. The 6 week parasite cleanse introduces you to the healing process or the full wellness programme takes you through a complete healing journey. Link in bio for full programme details.

But please remember, symptoms are simply signs from your body that it needs help. It’s down to us to listen to it. 

To health and happiness,

Jade, X