Poor gut health and a high toxic load is the perfect environment for these harmful organisms, and both are something the majority of the population have.

Much of the foods we eat damage out gut, including gluten, cow dairy, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Combined with an increasingly toxic environment, from pesticides, tap water, polluted air, chemicals in our products, etc. Which means we are creating the perfect internal environment for viruses, bacteria’s and worms to thrive.

But once we remove these parasites from our bodies, we can begin to feel much better. Firstly because they’re stealing our nutrients and secondly because they emit their own toxic waste inside of us.

BUT, it’s all about the internal environment. Unless we change that by reducing toxicity and healing the gut, new parasites will take up residency. That’s why it’s important to complete a multi pronged approach – and not parasite cleanse in isolation.

Here are some recent photos that clients have sent me from parasite cleansing. This is what you can expect to see in the toilet, depending on the types of parasites you have. Sometimes they’re microscopic, sometimes they’re giant worms.

If you’re experiencing symptoms or have a diagnosis you’d love to shake, then parasite cleansing is a definite consideration. It’s the only thing that enabled me to finally heal my cystic acne. 

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To health and happiness,

Jade, X