When I speak to new clients, they often tell me;
I eat really healthy and have a great diet
I also take various supplements to help me heal
I take probiotics to improve my gut microbiome
… but I’m still not seeing results!

I want to explain.

If our gut isn’t functioning optimally, even with the best diet in world and the right herbs, we won’t be digesting, absorbing and assimilating these nutrients within the body. That means, despite our best efforts, we’re not benefitting from the diet we’re consuming — and that’s a big problem.

Often when we notice we have vitamin deficiencies, it’s not because our diet isn’t right, it’s because our ABSORPTION isn’t working right.

And when it comes to probiotics, this is the analogy I give;
If there was a raging fire, we know we need water. But we need A LOT of water. Your probiotic is the equivalent of a bucket of water and what’s going on in your gut is a raging fire. It’s the right treatment, but it’s likely not enough to work on its own.

This is where a gut healing protocol is crucial for progress. We need to combine various elements in order to see those results!

What do I mean?

Yes we need the right diet, but not just a healthy diet. We need a gut healing diet. What’s that? It’s a diet free from all common food sensitivities. All the while you’re eating foods you’re sensitive to (unknowingly), inflammation remains in the body. We cannot heal whilst inflammation is present.

We also need healing foods; those that starve pathogens, reduce bad bacteria and overgrowth of yeast, but support the good bacteria and our immune system.

We need to add a few more tools to our arsenal alongside the probiotics, such as anti-microbials and anti-fungals. We also need to remove toxic waste laying dormant in the colon, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. We need to alkalise the environment and improve the internal terrain – because disease cannot exist in a healthy terrain.

Simply.. we need to first heal our gut. Then the rest will follow.

Join us on the next 6 week parasite cleanse to start on your gut healing journey.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X