Often people want to resort to using antibiotics for treating parasites, because they think it’ll be quicker. Their doctor has told them this is the best way and they even don’t need to change their diet… fantastic!

But what we must consider is that the health of the gut and the terrain of the body has a direct influence over whether we are hospitable to parasites.

Antibiotics cause devastation to the gut microbiome by destroying large batches of good bacteria. Antibiotics are not discriminative, so these good guys get caught up in the mass murder. Now the problem is, the bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites grow back quicker than the good bacteria does. What can then happen is that you get an overgrowth of these bad bacterias, yeast, fungus and parasites as they’ve been able to proliferate.

This is now the perfect environment for parasites to thrive in. So whilst certain problematic parasites may have been removed by the antibiotics, the environment will encourage those parasites in the system to grow and reproduce more freely. Don’t forget — yeasts, fungus, parasites in small quantities help make a diverse biome and healthy immune system. It’s when we get an imbalance that problems begin.

We are also continuously being exposed to parasites in our environments. It’s only a matter of time before you ingest another egg or worm from contaminated food, water, a pet, a public toilet, from another person… they’re unavoidable. Therefore the best defence against an overgrowth of parasites in the body, for the long term, is a healthy terrain.

A healthy terrain cannot be achieved by using toxic pharmaceutical drugs. There are no shortcuts. You can’t solve toxicity with more toxicity. Heal your gut, detox your body and cleanse from parasites using natural herbs… that is the way.

Caveat: if the parasitic infection is causing a serious situation with an immediate threat to life, then this is the time antibiotics should be considered.