I know some people are scared of bees. They buzz near you, mistake your blonde hair for a flower and sometimes forget to leave you alone.

But we know they’re good guys and are just trying to get on and do their job – but the thought of being stung can instil fear in us. That’s why it’s important to know that their sting can actually have healing benefits!

As we know, bees will die if they sting us so it’s not their desire to do so. But perhaps knowing that if they do, you may actually be being blessed with healing, may help relax you next time one comes to say hi. The survival of bees is extremely important to our own survival so let’s try to understand them a little better.

When a bee stinger is activated, it releases more than just venom. An estimated 18 to 20 naturally occuring antibiotics and antivirals can be found in the ensuing concoction, along with anti-inflammatory and pain reduction substances.

Bee stings can also trigger reactions in the human body that generate healing properties that would otherwise remain dormant.

Thousands of years ago the Egyptians used bee products to address arthritis. More recently, doctors in the US have turned to bees to treat multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and immune system disorders that attack skin or nerves.

Nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom is also believed to destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) while leaving surrounding cells unharmed, reports Washington University. Nanoparticles carrying melittin (a major component in bee venom) fuse with HIV, destroying the virus’s protective envelope.

Other benefits;
• can help with headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma and more.

This is on top of all of the other benefits they provide us just by being here. Let’s keep the bees safe.