I don’t mean the fad detoxes, the boo tea or liquid shakes, I mean the proper detoxification techniques which transform your health. The methods that can take your health to the next level, more than can be achieved through diet alone – THAT sort of detox.

We really can’t afford not to be actively detoxing anymore. Our tap water is contaminated with fluoride, chlorine, cadmium, parasites, and pharmaceutical drugs, the air is polluted with toxic gases and petroleum products, our skincare products have a list as long as your arm of unrecognisable ingredients, many untested due to relaxed legislation, food sprayed with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides, I could go on… but you get the picture. Every year new chemicals are found and added to the ever growing list of ingredients in our food / drink / product supply and effectively what’s happening is, we’re slowly being poisoned.

Disease can only be born in an acidic environment – and what turns it acidic? Toxins. When toxicity levels reach high levels, we’re in trouble. The terrain determines whether or not we become vulnerable to germs. Therefore we have an immense power and level of control over whether or not we become sick. So how do we do it? I get people ask me how to introduce detoxing into their life, so here a few ways you can begin…

1️⃣ flush the colon
2️⃣ support the skin
3️⃣ parasite cleanse
4️⃣ hot and cold therapy
5️⃣ heal your gut

To get started on your detox journey, check out the programmes.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X