When I had cystic acne, I spent so long trying to treat my SKIN.

👉🏻 I used topical creams, toners, astringents, face masks, facial scrubs and mud packs.
👉🏻 I had microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments.
👉🏻 I picked spots and left spots.
👉🏻 I used a face steamer, ice packs and essential oils.
I did it all… but nothing worked.

Sure, the appearance sometimes looked better and spots would clear up a bit quicker — but it didn’t treat the root cause and that’s because I wasn’t treating the body HOLISTICALLY (as a whole).

The cause of my acne wasn’t localised to my skin, it rarely ever is — and that’s the same with most conditions.

We may have a joint issue, but massage, physio and chiropractor treatments often don’t resolve the problem. Again, it’s not a holistic approach. It could be ONE approach, but it can’t be the only approach.

That’s why I made the wellness programme, because it takes people through this holistic process. We detoxify the body, we heal the gut, we reduce inflammation, we remove food sensitivities, we clean up the external environment, we fill in nutritional gaps, we reduce stress, we remove harmful organisms, we support our eliminatory organs, we reduce our exposure to chemicals, we eat to nourish and so much more!

When we give the body everything it needs, the body can utilise this to initiate healing. We don’t need to complicate it. We don’t need to pigeon hole ourselves with a diagnosis and then go off down a very fine path of “cures” for such diagnosis. This is where things get confusing and overwhelming. The fundamentals of health are always the same, regardless.

Restore health in the body and the body will resolve the issues. Once I did this, my acne disappeared and NEVER returned.

Before, my body just wasn’t healthy. I ate well, I supplemented, I exercised, I called myself healthy… but I wasn’t. Beneath the surface I was toxic and home to various pathogens. My gut was leaky and my body was inflamed — and most people with chronic issues are the same.

If you’re looking to heal, make sure you treat the body as a whole, because this is where the answers lie.

To health and happiness,

Jade, X