A weak, irritated and congested large intestine becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that are simply doing their job — decomposing potentially hazardous waste material.

As a side effect of their life saving activities, the microbes produce poisonous substances. Some of these toxins produced by the bacteria enter the blood, which sends them straight to the liver. Constant exposure of the liver cells to these toxins impairs their performance and reduces bile secretion. This leads to a further disruption of digestive functions.

When you eat any processed foods without natural fibre, the colon has difficulty moving the food mass along. Processed foods tend to make for a dry, hard, sticky mass that passes with difficulty through the intestinal tract. When this sits too long in the colon, it becomes even harder and even drier.

Not only does this result in constipation but it also undergoes chemical changes when it’s hardened and stuck to the colon wall. It will;
• ferment and putrify, becoming a breeding ground for parasites and pathogens, as well as a store house for toxic chemicals which can pollute the blood and lymph, gradually poisoning the body
• form a barrier that prevents the colon from absorbing nutrients, minerals and some vitamins
• restrict peristaltic movement by the colon walls, making it difficult for the colon to rhythmically contract in order to force waste along its way

Some of the symptoms that can occur as a result of colon dysfunction include;
• skin problems
• brain fog
• fatigue/sluggishness
• colds and flu
• constipation or diarrhoea
• gas and/or bloating
• digestive disorders such as UC, crohns, IBS
• pain in the lower left side of the stomach
• lower back pain

I will be going through various ways you can keep your colon clean in the new product… soon to launch!

To health and happiness,

Jade, X