So in a couple of days on 12th January, I turn 27. Now, I’m not really one to attach much meaning to birthdays, age or celebrations of this kind but for some reason there is something about 27 that is exciting me!

26 was a pretty transformative year for me; it’s been FULL of lessons and personal growth, and I’ve felt like I am slowly but surely living a lot more aligned with my values, who I want to be and also getting a lot clearer on what I want from my life, which feels pretty great.

So with the approach of my 27th birthday, I thought what better way to acknowledge it than to share 27 lessons that have really helped shape who I am today, in the hope that they may help and inspire someone else. Please enjoy ?

  1. Always stick by your own values and boundaries, that is how you create the life you want
  2. One of the best gifts is the ability to end things well and know when the time is right
  3. Trust what your gut and intuition are telling you about places and people
  4. Eat the cake, you don’t gain weight THAT easily so enjoy the occasion
  5. Things will always work out in one way or another, so you don’t have to panic too much
  6. Surrounding yourself with people who encourage, support and want the best for you is the tonic of life – don’t stop searching till you find those people!
  7. Build a reading habit
  8. You choose your perception of things – make sure the story in your head is working in your favour
  9. Persistence and consistency is what will bring success
  10. Know your worth and never let anyone make you question it
  11. Community is key and important to have in your life, don’t isolate yourself in times of struggle – always reach out
  12. Be curious about yourself and others, it helps you understand people better and practice more compassionate
  13. You will NEVER regret going to bed early
  14. If you don’t feel confident, pretend. No one will know the difference anyways!
  15. Take care of your finances. It always pays to have a security blanket if you need it
  16. Life is best lived in service to others
  17. Worrying literally gets you nowhere so give it a rest and help yourself out a bit…
  18. ‘If someone is interested in you, you will know. If not, you will be confused’
  19. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
  20. Lessons get louder and louder and louder until you decide to listen – do not ignore them
  21. Don’t force anything
  22. Take risks and jump on opportunities presented to you, it is okay if they don’t all turn out great
  23. Always question authority and mainstream narratives – their agenda does not have yours (or others) best interests at heart
  24. Never ever listen to people who complain about age and getting older, life just gets better and better and it is a priviledge denied to many!
  25. Start investing in index funds the moment you get your first paycheque at 18 y.o.
  26. Face your shit head on and deal with the uncomfortable – you will be better for it
  27. Finding gratitude for the smaller things in life is the key


I love those lessons and what a great outlook you have already at the age of 27. I think for me, 19 is my phrase for 2023. I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone this year and level up, to help bring my message to more people and change even more lives. Thank you for inspiring me and others Ellie. You do great work!

If Ellie or I can be of any help this year with your health, please just reach out.

With love,

Jade & Ellie