The words ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ have unfortunately been tarnished massively by the health & fitness/influencer industries through the likes of detox teas, weight loss fads, quick fixes and nutritional deprivation. They fall victim to so much negative judgement which means that people who could really benefit from REAL detoxes and cleanses are incredibly wary of this healing modality.

Real detoxes and cleanses have been used throughout history; they are ancient alternative healing methods that have been practised for generations within cultures and always remained an integral part of life, whether that be through Ayurvedic practices, Finnish saunas, body cupping, body brushing, juice cleansing or even water fasting.

With the modern day lifestyle removing us so far from anything intuitive or traditional, it is no wonder that we live in a society riddled with health issues, but I can definitely see the movement of people that are slowly but surely finding their way back to a more health-focussed lifestyle and I love to see it! But despite this, we can’t help but be exposed to contaminants and toxins on a daily basis whether that be chemicals and toxins in our air, our food or our water; parasites in contaminated foods like pork, beef, shellfish and the toxins used in our everyday household/personal care products. Our bodies haven’t really been designed to deal with this level of toxic load we see today, which is why we have to help it out sometimes.

An intelligently designed detox, much like our 6 week parasite cleanse, 8 week eliminatory organ cleanse and our 6 week heavy metal detox, is your chance to help your body heal on every level and clear out toxic accumulation in your body. Symptoms people have been suffering with for years have drastically improved or disappeared on our cleanses and it is the most phenomenal thing to see; other humans being empowered in their health, taking it into their own hands and healing themselves – can you believe it?

The power of detoxing is incomparable and it can help with:

  1. Reducing inflammation
  2. Healing the gut
  3. Strengthening your immune system
  4. Stabilising mood and emotions
  5. Stabilising blood sugar
  6. Reducing joint paint
  7. Increasing nutritional upload
  8. Lowering the rate of cellular decay
  9. Helping with cell autophagy
  10. Increasing energy levels
  11. Supporting your liver to work well
  12. Combatting brain fog
  13. Improving cognitive function
  14. Helping stop hair loss
  15. Combatting bloating

The list really could go on!

We strongly believe in approaching health and wellbeing from a ‘root cause’ approach, and wanting to get to the bottom of health issues in order to truly heal the body and not just mask symptoms. That is the goal with both our group cleanse programmes and The Wellness Programme!

If you’re ready to do the work and take back your health, we would love to welcome you into one of our programmes. These are for people who are taking their health into their own hands and are ready to receive the benefits in doing so.

Learn more about our different programmes here:

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The 8 week eliminatory organ cleanse

The 6 week heavy metal detox

The Wellness Programme

With love,

Ellie (& Jade), xx