My Story


Firstly, thank you for being here. If you can relate to my story then please know, you are far from alone. There are many of us who have been and still are, on this journey to improve and regain our health. There are answers and I will do my best to bring them to you, in both my programmes and on my social media platforms. I’m here to help, guide and support you in every way that I can.

Here’s my story…

I never really questioned anything all that much – I never needed to. That’s why, when I developed cystic acne that remained chronic, it felt like it had come on completely out of nowhere. Why me… I used to think. I did what most people do in that situation and headed to my Doctor for some answers – only, he didn’t have any. Instead, he prescribed antibiotics and the oral contraceptive pill, in an attempt to mask my symptoms. I quickly began to realise that these professionals, who are considered the overall authority on our health problems, actually know very little about real health and healing.

When my Doctor referred me to a Dermatologist; the skin EXPERT, his only advice was Roaccutane. He didn’t even know what was causing my acne. I remember feeling utterly hopeless, thinking I would never be free from acne again. If the person who specialises in skin couldn’t help me, then surely no one could? The one person who I thought was going to save me, was the person who crushed all hopes of me getting my old self back. It was here that I felt at my absolute lowest. 

Leaving the medical system

Cystic acne is not only painful and sore, but it’s also unsightly and extremely visible. Having a chronic condition on my face affected my confidence, my self-esteem and my self worth. I would wake up and dread looking in the mirror. I would cake the make up on during the day and cover my face in creams and ointments at night. I didn’t date for three and a half years and let my chronic illness impact almost all areas of my life.

I knew I had to find answers. All that mattered to me was healing my skin, because my acne was consuming me. I searched tirelessly for answers and tried every possible remedy, over the course of six years. Little did I know, that the discoveries I would make on this journey, would change my entire life.

What I learned

The medical system isn’t designed to heal or permanently treat conditions. The system is there to create and keep customers – that’s how they profit after all. There is no profit in telling me to use herbs, only drugs. Don’t detox, have surgery. Bonus points when those drugs lead to further disease and the surgery, to further problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Doctors and health professionals want to help people, that’s why they chose those professions. However, the system suppresses natural methods and only allows them to recommend toxic drugs. It’s the system that’s broken. 


Finding a mentor 

On my quest for answers, I was lucky enough to discover some incredible mentors. They taught me more than just how to heal. They taught me so much in fact, I changed the entire course of my life. I left my successful City career and decided to fully immerse myself in education and coaching for natural healing. Knowing what it’s like to live with a chronic illness every day, combined with knowing how little support there is from the medical system, I wanted to offer something to help those people. All of those who are given up on, who fall through the net and who can’t get answers.

I am a great advocate for teaching others how to become their own Doctor. I want you to heal and I want to teach you how. I am also an advocate for informed consent, body autonomy and freedom of choice. We live in a world where we are gradually becoming sicker and sicker; seemingly by design, as well as having our rights slowly removed. It’s time we started fighting back and we do that, by taking charge of our health.

Let me help you…

I want to help, educate and guide you to a healthier, happier life. I want to teach you how to detox safely and effectively; your body, your home and your mind. It’s time to create a life outside of the toxic system designed to keep us playing small. They want you sick, depressed and working 9-5. I want you healthy, happy and living out your passion. Which path will you choose?

Head to my Programmes, to discover how I can help!

With love,

Jade X