How it all began…

I was a 21 year old with chronic cystic acne, IBS, excess weight, recurrent UTI’s and repeated ear infections. I had exhausted the conventional route, trying various creams and drugs, lasers and peels, countless rounds of antibiotics, and yet these never resolved my issues long term – if anything, I was gradually getting worse!

Western medicine had completely failed me, just like it fails so many others.

What I discovered…

I discovered that true health and healing cannot be found in a pharmaceutical drug. Our bodies cannot and will not thrive with a suppressive approach, but only by finding the root cause and then undoing the damage. Every symptom is a message. It’s down to us to listen to our body and work out where we have been going wrong.

In my search for answers I discovered amazing things that no western Doctors were ever able to tell me; I discovered how to heal.

When we’re suffering from a health condition it’s because we’re toxic. Our bodies can’t cope and detox us sufficiently; our liver is sluggish, our colon is compacted, our gut is home to bad bacteria, parasites and yeasts, and this all causes devastation in our body.

This discovery changed my life because poor gut health, harmful organisms and high toxicity were at the root cause of my chronic acne, just as they are many other health conditions.

Discovering this piece of the puzzle changed everything, because ONLY then, did I finally regain my health and begin this exciting journey into the world of holistic health.

Let me help you…

I know how battling a condition can affect you mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. Every turn you make leads to a dead end and Doctors can’t give you answers, only labels.

Join me and many others who have already changed their lives and gain the knowledge that’s going to keep you and your family well, now and for the long-term.

Lots of love,

Jade X