I am just like you. I care about my health and I want to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. I suffered from cystic acne in my early adult life and didn’t stop until I finally managed to remedy my body imbalance and regain my glowing skin. I don’t want that for you. You deserve to be healthy and you deserve to be happy.

The statistics:

  • I am a qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
  • I create tailored nutrition plans for women suffering from conditions and help them to regain their health
  • I am a healthy lifestyle blogger
  • I am a YouTuber who talks about all topics health related – check it out here
  • I have spent the last decade researching nutrition, stress management and ways to improve mindset


Creating this programme has been my dream and my passion for so long, that I am absolutely ecstatic to be finally able to share this with you.

I cannot wait to get to know you better and help you on the road to better health. I make it my personal mission to ensure you get the results you deserve!

My values:

  • To provide a source of reliable, relevant and evidenced information, which cuts through the controversy surrounding this topic and gives women the tools they need to improve their health, in various areas of their life.
  • To create a support network of health conscious women on the same mission, which help empower and motivate one another into achieving their goals.
  • To bring health to the forefront of people’s minds and give it the level of importance it deserves, by demonstrating the impact and connection this has on many of the problems we face as a nation today.

But enough about me, for more information on this amazing programme, check it out here;

The Wellness Programme.      X o X o X