Helping your fertility

As women, the ability to create life is one of our greatest roles and can help give us the life purpose we’re all searching for. Infertility is something we hope will never affect us, yet the heartbreaking truth is that this statistic continues to rise. Our bodies are incredible, complex and intricate machines. One small imbalance over… Continue reading Helping your fertility


Why you should care about your health

I am passionate about eating well and feeling good. I put health at the top of my priority list and help others to do the same. The reason I've created The Wellness Programme is to teach, help and inspire women to lead healthy lifestyles, in order to prevent, manage and overcome health conditions. What we… Continue reading Why you should care about your health


The real cause of your acid reflux

You've had it before, right? Ate something a little too rich or perhaps quite fatty and started suffering from incredibly annoying yet surprisingly painful, acid reflux. There tends to be a big assumption that acid reflux is caused by too MUCH acid, because presumably it's bubbling up and reaching the throat? Well that's actually wrong.… Continue reading The real cause of your acid reflux


Are you an emotional eater?

A lot of people tell me they really struggle with leading a healthy lifestyle because they emotionally eat. Firstly I want to tell you that if this is you, then you’re not alone. This is extremely common. Our relationship has evolved over the years and it’s no longer just a survival tool. Food has become… Continue reading Are you an emotional eater?



Start each day right Wake up and choose to be happy. If we wait for our environment to shape our mood, we risk this going negatively, which then goes on to affect our whole day. How we feel on a daily basis is a choice, so wake up with a smile and remind yourself of… Continue reading TOP TEN HABITS OF THE HEALTHY


Your mindset

Do you know how important your mindset is when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle? Because of course, we would all love to be healthier. We know it’s the right thing to do and what will keep us free from disease, help us to feel our best and keep us in good shape. Yet… Continue reading Your mindset

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Hair that shines

Shannon and I are often asked how we look after our hair, how to grow it so long and what we do to keep it in such good condition. Our nan has always told us, "your hair is your crown and glory" and she's so right! Every girl deserves to wear a crown and that's… Continue reading Hair that shines