How to perform a salt water flush

How to perform a salt water flush 26/04/2020

A salt-water flush is an ancient yogic healing modality that does an incredible job at flushing the small and large intestines, balancing electrolytes, remineralizing the body and restarting digestion. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways of re-booting your system when you are in a funk, or cleansing your energetic body when feeling heavy.

A container to hold a litre of water, or multiple containers if easier (e.g. divide over pint glasses)
1.5-2.5 heaping tbsp of sea salt (Icelandic or Celtic is best) – you can get my favourite Celtic sea salt HERE
Natural spring, filtered, or distilled water
Apple Cider Vinegar and/or lemon juice

In the morning on an empty stomach, put 2 tsp – 2 tbsp of sea salt in one glass jar/bottle. I like using sea salt vs. pink himalayan salt because the ocean contains very similar mineral ratios to that of our blood plasma. If this is your first flush start on the lower dose and work your way higher. If no flush is achieved, then you know you need more salt next time.

Then you’ll put in 2tbsp of apple cider vinegar, followed by 4oz of boiling water. Mix with a spoon until the salt has dissolved. Then follow with the rest distilled, spring or filtered water. Mix well and you’ll want the brine solution to be warm, but not hot.

Now, over the course of 10 -30 minutes (the quicker the better but don’t make yourself sick), drink the solution. If you drink the solution too quickly, you may be sick so take it at a comfortable pace. Follow the solution with a pint of normal fresh water.

Afterwards, lie down on your right hand side for 30 minutes. Within 20 minutes to one hour, you will experience some gurgling followed by bowel movements. Anywhere between 3-10 bowel movements in the next couple hours is totally normal. For most people who have never done this, the bowel movements will be dark black, have a rancid odour and sludgy. Because most people’s small intestines have never been cleansed or flushed (colonics and enemas can’t make it up that far), the odours can be really intense.

Also, extreme thirst after the flush is also normal and I suggest having at least another pint of water available to you after you finish the initial liquid and subsequent pint.

Don’t eat solid food for about an hour after the flush and make sure to take probiotics later that day. Too many salt-flushes can mess your flora up, so do not exceed more than 1 per week.

This is excellent for constipation, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and more!

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To good health!

Jade x

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