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The oral contraceptive pill

It’s staggering how many women now take the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). It also startles me and here’s why; Simply put, it is a chemically made synthetic hormone. Now let’s
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What your digestive issues mean

A staggering amount of us are now suffering from digestive issues. So many of us in fact, that we’re actually starting to consider this partly normal.  It’s not normal to
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The sinister side of coffee

Let’s talk about coffee… Whether or not coffee is healthy for us is often a hot topic of debate. Some say yay and some say nay, so what’s the real
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Are microwaves damaging your health?

Microwave ovens have been the norm for almost 50 years, but ever since they were first introduced, microwaves have been a source of controversy. While manufacturers and retailers maintain that
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