Tutorial: how to do an enema

Tutorial: how to do an enema 20/12/2020

Enemas are such a powerful way at supporting our key detoxification pathway; the colon. Learning how to incorporate these into your lifestyle, can go a long way in maximising your health – so let me show you how.

Benefits of enemas; repairing digestive tissue, cleansing the liver, improving blood circulation, increasing immunity, helping with cellular regeneration, relieving digestive issues (such as constipation, bloating), improving gut health and improving low energy levels and mood.

Hold the enema for up to 20 minutes maximum.

Watch the video to get started:

How to perform an Enema at home – Step by step guide 

What you will need:

  • Enema bag or bucket – it is best to opt for a bag if you are new to performing enemas, they are cheap and easy to use and ideal for beginners. You can progress on to using a stainless-steel bucket when you are more familiar with the enema process. 
  • Enema tube – attach one end to the bag and leave the other end for inserting. 
  • Flushing Ingredients – choose either;
  • Distilled water which you can buy ready-made or use a distiller (for beginners), OR;
  • Enema coffee, to stimulate the liver
  • Coconut oil – a natural lubricant to put on the end of the tube to make it easy to insert. 
  • Towel  
  • 2 pints of water. 
  • Toilet step (optional) – this elongates the colon and helps to fully evacuate. 


  • Set up your enema bag as per the instructions included
  • Add coconut oil to the very end (insertion) tube
  • Place a towel on the floor to lie on during the enema
  • When you fill the bag, put a kink in the tube to prevent any water leaving the other end – best to do this over the bath or in the shower, just in case!
  • Hold the kink in place, hold the bag in the same hand and fill the bag with the water. Watch the video if you’re unsure. Then, hook this onto the bathroom door or a place of height. Maintain the kink until you have inserted the tube.
  • Using water, lie down on your left-hand side, take the end of the tube and insert. Once inserted, gently release the kink and you will feel the water start to trickle down and inside.
  • Hold for as long as you can, 1-2 mins is completely normal for your first time; the more enemas you do the longer you can hold for. Aim to work towards holding for 15-20 minutes.  
  • When you are ready to release, hop onto the toilet (do not take the tube out until you are on the toilet), remove the tube and the detox will begin. 
  • If you are going to use the coffee option (which stimulates the liver); follow the instructions on the coffee to make it, do not use more than 3 teaspoons for your first go, then lie down on your right-hand side to get to the liver. Then perform the same process above.


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The Gerson Institute is natural cancer treatment clinic in Mexico, who have helped cancer patients heal naturally using coffee enemas multiple times a day, alongside vegetable juicing and select supplements.

Please leave any questions below!

Happy cleansing 🙂

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