When I talk about colon cleansing I often find there’s two types of people; those that are completely grossed out by the very idea of it and those that are highly intrigued. There’s something quite satisfying about removing all of the built up, toxic faecal matter lining the colon, causing toxicity, constipation, bloating, gas and more. Cleaning from the inside out to maintain your health is something to be encouraged, not feared.

Now I know this is quite a new age practise, but that’s because our bodies were always fully equipped to cleanse and detoxify our colons themselves, without our need to interfere. As time has gone on, our diet and the world we live has become increasingly toxic. With additives in our food, pesticides on our crops, chemicals in our skin care, and pollution all around us, many might say we live in a toxic age. That’s without mentioning the increased consumption of meat, saturated fat, refined sugar and alcohol, all of which give our colon a much harder time.

This is why, particularly when we’re suffering from symptoms relating to digestive issues or toxicity, a colon cleanse can be a great tool in our box of remedies. This is something I’ve done multiple times myself and something I always recommend to my clients. Colon cleansing, combined with a healing diet and herbs, can be an effective way at restoring health in the body. By giving the body the tools it needs to detoxify and that extra helping hand, our body can take the reigns once again, increase immunity and resolve disease.

When your colon is backed up with toxic material, your entire body becomes sluggish and is unable to perform its day-to-day tasks. Here are 5 benefits of performing a colon cleanse;

1. Improves Digestion and Prevents Constipation

When digestion is impaired and we experience constipation, waste products can linger in the body. This leads to an inability to absorb many of the nutrients we’re taking in, resulting in a lack of energy and reduced immune function. Since lingering waste can breed bacteria, this can result in bad bacterial overgrowth and an imbalanced microbiome. Detoxing the colon allows those undigested waste products to be pushed through the system and helps the body remain in good health.

2. Increases Energy and Concentration

Purging your colon of toxins allows energy from the intestines to focus elsewhere, meaning your energy levels could improve. Nutrition is crucial to mental health and weak absorption of nutrients may lead to loss of concentration. Not only that, but ensuring bad bacteria doesn’t build up in the colon from the lingering waste, allows us to maintain sufficient good bacteria levels. Research has shown that when we lose certain bacterial strains, the neurotransmitter signals to the brain are interfered with, resulting in anxiety and/or depression.

3. Jumpstarts Weight Loss

As we all know, fibre helps keep our bowels active and regular. Low fiber foods also linger much longer in the gut. When you cleanse the colon, this matter is flushed from the system, and, in some, may lead to significant weight loss. You could be surprised how much waste you’re harbouring, particularly if you don’t experience regular bowel movements.

4. Supports Overall Colon Health

All the toxins you take into your body will eventually make their way to the colon. By not cleansing your colon (and liver – we’ll come onto this another time), toxins can linger in the body and cause untold damage. As I’ve touched on before, when our colon begins to struggle with the level of toxicity, our other elimination organs have to step in to help, e.g. the liver and skin. This can overburden the liver which is already performing multiple functions and toxins can flow into the bloodstream. When there, this can then lead to acne, which is the body attempting to push these toxins through the skin and detoxify the body. Ridding the body of waste through the proper channel (the colon), supports the colon’s many functions; including digestion and proliferation of beneficial gut flora.

5. Encourages Whole Body Detox

The body is adept at constantly detoxifying itself every day. But sometimes the combination of environmental factors and poor lifestyle habits make it hard to catch up and your body may show signs of toxic colon overload. There are a few things you can to help!

Whilst I don’t recommend performing any of these suggestions without the guidance of a nutritionist or someone who is able to assess your current health, these can be effective methods for assisting your colon. Please be aware that eradicating toxins too quickly can result in a detox reaction, including headaches, nausea, night sweats and more.

A 3-day fruit fast

Fruit is very easy to digest and leaves the stomach in as little as 30 minutes. This allows the body time to focus on other areas that require its help, rather than being involved in digestion (which takes up a lot of resources and energy). Giving your digestion a 3 day rest can be enough for your colon to detoxify sufficiently.

A colon cleanse

If you’re feeling braver, dive in and go the whole hog. Using an oxygen based cleanser is much gentler on the colon and doesn’t upset the bacterial balance. This is important as otherwise you could end up causing yourself more problems.

Change to a clean diet

Removing high protein foods gives the liver a rest. This gives the liver an opportunity to assist the colon by detoxifying itself and playing catch up with the bombardment of toxins it’s no doubt been battling against.

Colon cleansing is just one of the cleanses we do on the wellness programme. To join us, email; thewellnessprogramme@outlook.com

Love, Jade X

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