It’s the opposite to what most people think. It doesn’t involve hairdresser endorsed hair products, it doesn’t involve regular hair masks or trimming those “split ends” and it doesn’t involve supplements.

My hair is something I always get comments on. It’s long (nearly touching my bum), blonde and thick. I straighten it nearly every day, yet it’s still in great condition. People ask me how, likely expecting me to recommend an amazing hair cream or product they’ve not yet discovered.

“A healthy outside is made from a healthy inside”.

For truly healthy, happy hair, there isn’t any quick-fix or miracle product I’m sad to say. When you apply your hair products, I’d probably agree that they look nice. But it’s a band-aid, it’s a mask and it’s not the real thing. You take the product off and your hair is limp, dull and lifeless.

You can achieve a shiny, healthy glow to your hair, with long, luscious locks, for REAL. I want to share with you my hair secrets to let you know how to really get the hair you’d be really proud of.

I eat “gut-right” 

What I mean by this is that I eat foods which are gut healing and limit the foods which damage my gut. You might be wondering how the gut impacts on our hair health, but there’s actually a very important link. Good gut health ensures optimum function of the digestive system and this subsequently helps you obtain optimum nutrition. Even if you’re eating the healthiest foods available, if you have poor gut health your body won’t be absorbing and assimilating the nutrients sufficiently. We must have a healthy gut to be well nourished.

I cleanse my liver

The liver is responsible for making the nutrients we obtain from our foods into bio-available sources. This enables our body to actually put these nutrients to work and feed our bodies at a cellular level. If our livers are toxic they aren’t able to perform their functions to the right level and they struggle. The liver is also responsible for detoxifying us from every single toxin, every single day. If the liver is struggling because of toxin overload, we’re going to be toxic inside. A toxic person is not going to wear a shine on their hair unfortunately.

I don’t use synthetic products on my hair

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t use the latest hair products endorsed by famous hairdressers. I don’t use heat spray, I don’t use hairspray and I don’t use any other hair cream. I let my hair breathe, I keep it free from toxins and I let it be. My only vice is that I straighten my hair, because I prefer the way I look with straightened hair. It’s not great for it, but it can handle it because I do everything else right. Both my shampoo and conditioner are organic with limited ingredients, mostly recognisable by name. If I do treat my hair to a hair mask it’s always coconut oil and that would be my main recommendation. For the most part, I like to keep my hair free from chemicals and enable it to thrive.

I sleep with wet hair

Yet another thing I do that most others likely don’t. Using hair dryers on your hair is one of the worst things you can do and it causes a lot of damage, particularly splitting hairs. You can be tactful when deciding when to wash your hair so that you have time to let it dry naturally. Unfortunately long, thick hair takes longer to dry, so I’m often sleeping with it damp. I must admit, I’m yet to develop a cold for sleeping with wet hair though, despite many people warning me that I will! I aim to wash my hair around 6pm so that by the time my 10pm bed time arrives, my hair is dry or partially damp.

I eat healthily

What constitutes as healthy for one is often different to another, but what I mean by healthy is a diet high in fruit and vegetables, and low in sugar and refined foods. I eat lots of oily fish for omega 3 fatty acids which is great for hair health. I get outside in the sunshine as often as I can and supplement with Vitamin D in the Winter to keep my levels sufficient. A well balanced diet high in natural food will always help provide you with an array of vitamins and minerals, required for healthy, strong hair.

Staying free from disease

Given some of the reasons for thinning hair are illness related, like thyroid disease, diabetes, anaemia, lupus and malnutrition, it’s important that we look pay close attention to our health when trying to improve our hair. If your hair quality appears to be more related to disease than your own hair management, then these could be caused by dietary choices, poor gut absorption, high toxicity or an underlying pathogen. In this situation, remedying the root cause of the issue is the only real way to improve your hair quality.

For a step by step process and gut healing nutrition plan, join us on the wellness programme! Alternatively, send us an email for a private disucssion;


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  1. I’m so glad you made this post. Your skin, hair, etc… is based on what you consume. Great post! ????

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