Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and negative emotions, all stem from us and are all within our control. When we let these manifest or control our lives, we lose. Take back that control and learn to become the healthiest, happiest you.

Nutrition is a great place to start, but sometimes you need a little more. I can tell you the right foods to eat and which foods to avoid. I can encourage you to get more sleep, better sleep and reduce stress in your life. I can tell you yoga will help, why you should choose organic and how to limit daily toxins. I can recommend better health care products and supplements that will support your health. I can do all of that. But what I can’t do is control the voice in your head. The one that’s either with you on this journey, or against you.

You might find yourself in the day thinking, “I can’t do this”, “this is too hard”, “this won’t work”, or “this isn’t working”. Every negative thought you have is having an impact on your healing. Everything you put into the Universe, both positive and negative, will manifest (‘The Law of Attraction’). If you put negative thoughts out there, you’ll get more negativity back. If you say “I can’t heal” – guess what, you won’t heal. You have to believe it and feel it to achieve it. Overcoming your mind is one of the hardest battles you will have, but once you get that right, you will win.

There are a few things I want to share with you to help you on this journey;

  • Start each day grateful

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel and creates one of the highest vibrations into the Universe. We must be grateful for everything we have, in order to receive more to be grateful for. We can be grateful for things we don’t even have yet, like healing. Waking up every day and chanting, “thank you for my healing, thank you for my healing, thank you for my healing, for it is done”, can have a profound effect on your recovery. Chanting is something many religions have practised for centuries and for good reason. Then at night practising gratitude for all you already have, like supportive friends and family, a loving partner and a job you enjoy. Feel all of the love around you and feel grateful for it, feel positive and warm, and the Universe will respond like with like.

  • Do things that make you happy

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but there’s not enough of us prioritising ourselves. We do things because others want to, or because we don’t want to let someone down, when we’d rather just stay at home. Well when you’re healing, you are the priority and you must choose yourself each and every day. What do you enjoy? What makes you happy and blissful when you’re doing it? For some it’s cooking, for others it’s cuddling their dog. Perhaps you enjoy walks in nature or getting stuck into a good book. Do you like going for drives in your car? For me, listening to country music and being in the countryside is my ideal happiness. Find your happy and do it more. The more we’re in a state of happiness, the safer our body feels to allow healing.

  • Grounding

Reconnecting with nature has proven to have a significant effect on our health. We’re often in shoes, socks or inside, so have less opportunities to connect with the Earth. Connecting our electrical energy with the Earth’s energy can help us rebalance, which is sometimes needed for healing to occur. Our negative emotions, life’s stresses and limiting beliefs can have damaging effects on our energy. Sitting against a tree, with your feet bare and flat on the ground, helps you reconnect. Stay there for 5-10 minutes, taking deep breaths and feeling in a state of complete relaxation. It’s good for both your body and mind (and if nothing more gets you some peace and quiet!)

  • Be mindful of your language

Be careful of the words you choose, as words are tools just like good food. Using negative words like “can’t” or “won’t”, regardless of the context, will generate negativity. Instead, use powerfully positive words like “I am”, “I can” and “I will”. If you catch yourself thinking something negative, push it out of your mind quickly and replace it with something positive. There’s not enough room for all emotions, so choose wisely which you choose to feel. Don’t let silly things affect you, like someone sneezing on the train or brushing past you in the street. These are most definitely not worth your health.

Try these methods in conjunction with tailored nutrition, in order to help your body in every way you can. This isn’t just for people who are ill either, but for those who want to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Live your day like it could be your last, because one day it will be. Enjoy every moment.

Love, Jade X


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