I’ve been getting a lot of questions this week on the topic – after all, it’s headline news all over the world. Is it as bad as they say or is it fear tactics? Is this a real threat to human kind or is this no worse than the normal flu? How do we prevent it and if the worst happens, how do we treat it? I’m afraid I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some findings from research I’ve done over the past few weeks. This is strictly my opinion because like you, I also don’t have all the facts.

I believe it’s real. There are people I trust who are at the heart of the virus in places like New York, Shanghai and Italy, who are witnessing this first hand. They have no reason to lie and their accounts sound devastating. It does seem to effect the weaker members of society such as the elderly and those immuno-compromised. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of testing anymore, especially in Europe (including the UK). This adds to the confusion because we have no real data and those who do feel unwell, are unsure exactly what they’re dealing with – common cold, flu or worse?

With that said, there have been other viruses before which have left a large death count, such as H1N1, ebola, SARS, swine flu, etc. Why is the media pushing this particular virus so hard? Why are we in isolation? This has never before happened. Why are we already testing a vaccine literally a couple of months after the initial outbreak, when usually this takes years? This is all brand new territory and something doesn’t add up. There are multiple theories out there but it seems only time will tell, if at all.

With that aside, it really does feel like there is a war going on, but it’s not against nature. Viruses are always around, always have been and always will be – but this feels different. All I know is, if we stick with nature rather than fighting it, we won’t go too far wrong. Keep the body healthy, promote healing and nourish ourselves every day. Get back in touch with nature, take our shoes off and feel the ground, breath in fresh air, sit by a tree, meditate, contemplate. Do some soul searching, some bigger thinking – why are we here? This is getting deep I know, but sometimes we need something big like this to wake us up.

Now, how can we stay healthy right now in particular? It seems it’s never been more important than in this moment to get ourselves as strong and as healthy as possible – so how do we do it? We can’t wait for the medicine or the heroic vaccine to save us (not that I would personally take it). We need to take action now and so I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing. I cannot tell you what to do personally because we are all different. I don’t know your individual circumstances so please do not take this as direct advice.

Upon waking I consume a cocktail which includes a combination of immune supporting herbs and blends. I rotate these according to how I feel and what I think is most needed. Some of these include; lemon, apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, olive leaf extract, dandelion root, iodine, black walnut and wormwood, eccinacea, goldenseal, burdock root and pink himalayan rock salt.

Next I have my morning tea which varies between immune supporting herbs; cat’s claw, pau d’arco, quebra pedra, graviola leaf, lemon balm, nettle, green tea, chaga mushroom, medicinal mushroom blend, turmeric and my home made parasite tea (cinnamon sticks and whole cloves).

For breakfast I have either a smoothie or juice. Juices allow the body to be nourished at a cellular level. I ensure the majority of my juice consists of vegetables with 1 or 2 fruits for flavour – mainly lemon, lime or green apples. All produce is organic of course. For smoothies similar rules apply but I also add other nutritious goodies, which are again rotated. These include chlorella, maca, aloe vera juice, ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spiriluna, wheatgrass, ground acai berries, coconut oil, slippery elm powder, etc. Start your day with a big dose of nutrients!

This is followed by quinoa or gluten free oats, with coconut milk and fresh berries, dusted with cinnamon. For lunch steamed veggies or fresh raw salad, with lean meat / eggs / wild fish and a gut-friendly source of carbohydrate. I also use this opportunity to take a high quality probiotic.

Before bed I take a variety of supplements, again these vary or are on rotation, but can include; vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, diced garlic with olive oil, ashwagandha, astaxanthin, an anti-parasitic, turpentine, fermented black garlic and coenzyme Q-10. Specific to cold / flu / viruses, I have oregano oil, elderberry and if this compromises the lungs, I use colloidal silver adminstered in a nebulizer. Interestingly, just today, Mike Adams from Natural News has suggested that wormwood (what I use with my clients during parasite cleansing), could help remedy the virus. Remember, this is not advice, as we must be mindful that not all herbs and supplements can be taken together.

What I am trying to demonstrate to you is that every day is another opportunity to nourish yourself and detoxify. Every meal and every mouthful is a chance to heal, so use it wisely. But above all of this, don’t be afraid as fear weakens the immune system. Be informed by reliable sources (not mainstream media), support people more in need than yourself and be proactive in keeping healthy, not just today but everyday. We will always be tested and challenged, so be prepared. A healthy person is a strong person, in both body AND mind.

For those of you who have done the wellness programme before – don’t forget you can use this now. The programme promotes gut healing and a strong immune system. The programme helps you detoxify and cleanse from built-up stored toxins and pathogens, both of which contribute to a weakened immune system. For those of you who are interested in doing the wellness programme, there’s never been a better time. Not only will you have a healing plan to follow to ensure your healthiest self, but you’ll also learn how to apply this lifestyle for the long term. The next programme starts on the 1st April.

Sending you all love and I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts during this desperate time.

Jade xx

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