It’s staggering how many women now take the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). It also startles me and here’s why;

Simply put, it is a chemically made synthetic hormone. Now let’s just think about that. Why would we willingly put an unnatural hormone into our body every day?

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t have a choice. You may suffer with heavy periods, extremely painful menstrual cramps, fierce acne, PCOS and other health complaints. You went to the Doctor and they told you, they don’t know why you have this condition, but many people find relief with the OCP.

Firstly, if everyone else is taking it, then that means it must be safe right? – wrong.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), another form of  synthetic hormones, is used to combat the menopause. It’s only now that we’re discovering the link between HRT (the combined hormone type) and breast cancer, and HRT (oestrogen type) with ovarian cancer. Only now after many women have already endured the devastating consequences of using this drug and have lost battles with cancer.

Secondly, if the Doctor says there’s no known reason for your condition, then there really is no known reason. We have millions invested into medical research every year, we know more today than ever before and we can get humans to the moon, but we can’t possibly work out what causes acne? – wrong.

Now here’s my problem with the OCP; it masks your symptoms. It doesn’t cure them, it doesn’t help them, it HIDES them. One minute your body is talking to you, showing you it’s in ill health and needs help. The next minute you’ve silenced it with powerful chemicals and continue doing so, so you no longer have to listen to its pleas.

This is a recipe for disaster.

We all know that medication masks the symptoms and doesn’t heal them, so what happens in the future? What happens after years of suppressing these symptoms? Well unsurprisingly, they get worse. They develop on to more sinister diseases. We end up in a dangerous situation.

Let’s take acne for example. I’ve thoroughly researched acne because of my own battle with chronic cystic acne for six years. I was told the same thing; we don’t know what causes it (even Dermatologists who are skin “specialists?!), but you can try antibiotics, the OCP and even the deadly Roaccutane.

I tried antibiotics and my acne persisted. All that happened is I damaged by gut (see my blog on gut health for more information) which set the scene for additional health problems. I tried the OCP but after only a month I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. That’s without even mentioning Roaccutane.

Did you know that Roaccutane was originally made as a chemotherapy drug? It is like putting a nucleur bomb into your system. It may “eradicate” the bacteria that’s causing your acne, but it’s also going to wipe out your entire immune system, damage your liver (because let’s be honest, your liver was never designed to process man-made toxic chemicals) and many studies have linked the drug to depression. When did we ever think this was a normal and safe method to use?!

What acne, PCOS, menstrual cramps and the other health conditions leading you to get the OCP have in common, is they’re a sign your body is imbalanced. Your body is trying to tell you something if only you would listen!

This is what has likely happened; you were born, you inherited your gut microbiome from your mother and father (that’s how it works), you grew up, possibly took some antibiotics (perhaps repeatedly – I had recurring ear infections as a child), you had vaccinations (which include synthetic chemicals), you ate food with pesticides (chemicals), you consumed sugar (feeds bad bacteria), you indulged in refined foods, you went binge drinking, you may have got a stressful job (compromises good bacteria), you may have deprived yourself of sleep or you may have had a stomach bug once or twice. These are all causes of an internal bacterial imbalance. What happens when our good bacteria decreases is we give the bad bacteria the opportunity to thrive. Not only that, but because our gut is 80% of our immune system, when this is imbalanced, new invaders can come in because our immune system is low. When we have underlying bacterias, virus, moulds, parasites, fungus, etc. in our gut which shouldn’t be there, we get ill.

Each of our genetic dispositions are different. You may think, well acne runs in the family, PCOS runs in the family. Remember when I told you we inherit our gut microbiome from our parents? That means we also have the same type of bacterias inside our guts. We could have obtained one of those bad bacterias which, when we had enough good bacteria in our guts, we didn’t even notice. But over time, our microbiome has become imbalanced and that bad bacteria has had chance to thrive. We now have the same condition that “runs in our family”.

Did you know that now 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive? Could it be linked to the increase in OCP consumption? Or perhaps it’s the rise in antibiotic use? Or the increase in sugar consumption? Or perhaps it’s all of it.

If you have hormonal issues, you need to address the CAUSE. Otherwise, temporarily supplying your body with a synthetic hormone is going to lead to serious consequences down the line. Your liver is continuously required to detox you from the OCP which puts additional burden on this vital organ. The real cause of your problem is still wreaking silent havoc beneath without you even knowing.

When we start working with our body and not against it we can restore our health. Our body wants to be healthy, our body does everything it can to restore our health for us, we only have to give it a helping hand. You’ll be surprised just how simple that is when you have the right tools to do so.

If you’re on the OCP solely for a contraceptive method then you really need to reconsider your decision. Putting your body at risk because condoms are inconvenient is extremely foolish in my opinion. I know how delicate our health is and I want to save you from the path I’ve had to tread.

If you want any help naturally balancing your hormones then the wellness programme can help you! Alternatively, if you’d prefer to discuss your personal circumstances first, please email us at

Jade, X

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