This was something I longed to know for many years. Doctors couldn’t tell me and even Dermatologists couldn’t tell me. I still remember the words now; “some people get acne, and some people don’t.” That was all they knew apparently.

  • I tried antibiotics but these only helped short term and led to digestive issues.
  • I tried steroid cream but these only dried up the existing spots and never stopped new spots appearing.
  • I tried the oral contraceptive pill but stopped soon after because of the short and long term effects on the body.
  • I tried lasers and skin peels, but these only managed my acne and cost me a small fortune for the pleasure.
  • I was offered Roaccutane in order to destroy pretty much everything in my body, including the “cause” of my acne, and then to rebuild my immune system thereafter. With the long list of side effects including depression, potential liver damage, pains, dry skin, cracking and so on, I decided that was simply too dangerous.

There had to be a safer, more effective way.

I’d always believed in having a good diet and listening to my body, so I decided to try a Nutritionist. They suggested removing common food sensitivities as the acne could be my reaction to them. This helped a lot, especially cow’s dairy, but unfortunately as soon as I reintroduced it into my diet, the acne flared with a vengeance. Was cutting out large food groups from my life forever really the answer?

I was in a never ending cycle which always resulted in more acne. It was frustrating and depressing because I felt like my only option was to be on medication for the rest of my life. I knew this only masked the problem and never resolved it, which didn’t seem a good long-term solution.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spent the next six years researching everything there was to know about acne; including studies, research, books, blogs and nutrition courses. I wanted to know everything.

Finally, after learning what was going on in my body, I finally took back some power. I had the ability to change my situation and I was ecstatic. I’m so glad I found out the root cause rather than relying on medication, because this would have been so dangerous long-term.

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates said, almost 2000 years ago, and he was right.

Firstly, your skin is an elimination organ so if you have acne, it’s a sign your body is struggling to detox. It’s literally toxins coming through the skin. This means that your colon and liver are unable to cope with your toxic load, because they are usually first and second in line at detoxing you on a daily basis. So we have a bit of a problem here!

How do we get so toxic?

Our environment is more toxic than ever before. Pollution is sky high, there’s chemicals in nearly everything we eat, sugar is poison to the body, our skincare products have a long list of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce! (And anything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, so that’s another load of toxins going in right there). Then we have our cleaning products, chemicals in our tap water, pesticides on our food, alcohol, refined foods, our sea’s are polluted, the fish are farmed, we’re popping antibiotics like they’re candy… we face toxins everywhere.

Our liver has to detox us from every chemical we ingest. It’s our chemical factory. But our liver was never designed to handle man-made chemicals, especially not at the amount we’re ingesting them today, so it’s no surprise it’s struggling.

When we’re taking in all of these toxins but never helping our body detoxify, this leads to toxin overload. Now, that’s not all. Like I said, this means our colon is also struggling. Whether you know it or not, your gut health needs reforming. 

Acne is a symptom of toxin overload in the body and toxin overload is a symptom of an imbalanced gut microbiome.

In our gut is our microbiome, delicately balanced between good and bad bacteria. The Western diet, particularly sugar, and toxins feed the bad bacteria and destroy the good bacteria. We soon end up with an imbalanced microbiome which sets the stage for disease. As 80% of our immune system is in our gut, when this isn’t healthy, we’re not healthy. Our immune system can’t fight bacterias, viruses, moulds, fungus, parasites and more, that are taking up home in our gut. Suddenly we have things in our gut that shouldn’t be there, and sometimes these leak into our bloodstream through the intestinal wall, resulting in leaky gut syndrome. As I’ve mentioned before in another blog, this then turns on bodily inflammation.

We’re now full of bad bacteria, our immune system is low, we’re housing unknown and uninvited habitants, we’re chronically inflamed, inflammation leads to multiple bodily reactions such as hormone imbalances and free radicals being made, toxins are building without being detoxed correctly (caused by low immune system and increased burden on our colon and liver), and the next thing we know, we’ve got acne.

Our whole body is so delicately intertwined that it begins a domino effect. We must lead this complicated path back to the root cause, which is the gut microbiome. By restoring the balance of bacteria in our gut, our immune system can strengthen, we can detox correctly, our bodily inflammation disappears and everything that’s been caused as a result of the inflammation, goes back to normal. It’s all linked.

So how can you stop your acne?

  1. Calm the bodily inflammation and get it under control
  2. Reduce the bacterial overgrowth which is causing all of these problems
  3. Help the body detox and cleanse itself of the toxic overload
  4. Replenish with good bacteria to restore a balanced microbiome
  5. Heal the gut to stop this cycle reoccurring

Had I not done this, I would still be at a much higher risk of developing another disease, because I was already on that path. My body was toxic, inflamed and struggling. Acne was my body’s message to let me know it needed help and I’m so thankful I listened and took back my health.

I can now leave the house without make-up, feel confident in myself again and have a healthy, happy life!

If you want any help doing the same, join my programme and go through the exact same process I did to remedy my acne.

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