As many of you will know, I went to the 3 day TTAC event with my mum, in Anaheim, LA on 11th-13th October.

Simply put, it was incredible! The knowledge shared, the energy felt, the people met… it was an all round fantastic trip and one which I will never forget. For anyone interested in holistic health and healing, this is the event for you.

I wanted to share with you some of what I learnt at the event, so that you too can benefit from my attendance. These are the notes I took when I was there;

  • Google are investing / manufacturing vaccines and pharmaceutical products, which is why they now have an interest in censoring natural health topics 
  • Water fasting is the quickest way to raise your vibrational frequency and help you heal. It puts you on nature’s operating table and your body’s wisdom is able to take over
  • Water fasting for 72 hours creates immune stem cells and regenerates the entire immune system 
  • Start with juice fasting and fully cleanse the body before water fasting, as going straight into water fasting can damage cells 
  • RICH = Realising I Create Happiness
  • Activated charcoal absorbs 100x its weight in toxins
  • Olive oil extends life expectancy by 9-18%
  • Activated charcoal extends life expectancy by 21-47%
  • Detoxification is more important than nutrition
  • Red food increases energy 
  • Black food extends life 
  • Drink 1 litre of water in the morning before you consume food 
  • Grow plants and food / vegetables in charcoal 
  • Low vibrational frequency = symptoms and disease 
  • Rose essential oil has one of the highest frequencies
  • Meditate, breathing exercises and be mindful to raise your vibrations
  • Most livers are functioning at 20% but need to be at 80% for best function – we all need to liver cleanse
  • Iodine reduces the effects of EMF and detoxifies the pineal gland, which is responsible for our highest frequencies 
  • 1 / 10 dogs got cancer 50 years ago, now it’s 1 / 1.6 dogs 
  • 3 weeks out of a 9 year vet degree was on nutrition
  • Amazon herbs are the highest quality herbs you can get
  • Music has the ability to kill or help plants. Sound has healing abilities 
  • Heavy rock music resulted in plant death after 48h
  • for healing tones
  • The Earth’s song is changing as the frequencies have increased – 5G anyone?!
  • No one is having Delta sleep anymore due to this increase, which is our unconscious sleep 
  • This increase puts our brain in Gamma, which is an excited part of the brain 
  • Fulvic acid oxygenates the microbiome, removes toxic elements and enhances the gut pH
  • Coffee enemas enhance liver / gallbladder function
  • They create a 300% increase in the body’s production of glutathione, which is required for detoxification 
  • Bupleurum gets the liver detoxing / purging 
  • Bitter and sour foods activate the liver and dry up dampness
  • Astralagus is good for loose stools and upper GI health / improves digestion 
  • Reishi mushrooms are good for the adrenal glands and digestion, a powerful adaptogenic herb
  • Andropraphis is good for viruses, colds and parasites
  • Turmeric essential oil stimulates nerve endings 
  • For adrenals and thyroid, boost and improve self-confidence, blueberries, ashwagandha and rehmannia 
  • For head trauma / car accidents / brain fog, use frankincense essential oil 
  • For damp internal environments use myrrh essential oil 
  • Citrus fruits for the liver 
  • Use cinnamon for breast cancer
  • More than 50% of healing is emotional, diet is only 50% at best 
  • Depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future
  • If you want to heal depression; love and help others
  • Sugar feeds cancer cells, inflammation, yeast and contributes to insomnia
  • Cancer creates an acidic environment in the body as it generates lactic acid 
  • To reduce it, reduce sugar intake 
  • P53 gene protects the cell from oxidative stress damage 
  • The gene identifies cancer cells and tells them to repair or self-destruct 
  • Macrophages also destroy cancer cells, but sugar inhibits them 
  • If you have blood sugar spikes (highs and lows), you are more prone to colds 
  • Higher insulin = higher oestrogen, which can lead to breast cancer, endometriosis, PCOS and other hormone related disorders
  • Glucose for energy is great for activities / high intensity, but fat for due is better when sedimentary e.g. office job 
  • IV vitamin C therapy and ozone therapy improve immunity / fight cancer
  • Cancer is a natural reaction to an unnatural environment 
  • Food is like software and our body is the hardware. The foods we eat influence the expression of our genes and which ones get turned on 
  • Treat disease by building health 
  • The less human interaction with your food the healthier it is 
  • Cooking destroys enzymes in our food 
  • Enzymes help the food digest better 
  • Cooking turns alkaline foods acidic 
  • Every meal is an opportunity to heal and be healthier
  • Skin, hair and nails are the last to be nourished as these are not a priority
  • Poor skin, hair and nails can therefore be a sign of malnutrition 
  • Alkaline water is the quickest way to alkalise the body 
  • It takes 23 cups of water to neutralise 1 cup of coffee in the body 
  • Macular degeneration is caused by liver congestion 
  • It’s about self-care, not health care
  • The aim of life is to master your own emotions 
  • The sub-conscious mind is where we hold our beliefs, but these are not our beliefs necessarily, these are often programmed by the media, government and other external sources which are not always positive or beneficial to us
  • Pain is our body’s GPS 
  • The sudden need to mandate vaccines is because they have universally failed, so it’s a race against time before everyone finds out 
  • Measles are now becoming more dangerous because of vaccines, as they’ve changed the age we get the measles
  • Before the age of 1 and as an adult are the most dangerous times
  • We absorb 70% of our environments because we are 70% water – and water absorbs things – this is why our external environment is so important 
  • Slippery elm is an effective cleansing herb
  • Rectal administration gets in the system quicker than any other method.
  • Therefore, if the colon is toxic / congested, it’s very dangerous, due to its location close to the rectum and its absorption into the body
  • Fulvic acid is the master detoxer and reorganises the period table / elements in our bodies 
  • Near infra-red saunas are superior to far infra-red saunas 
  • Those saunas force your body into a parasympathetic state which is where you can heal 

This is all information I took down from various seminars and Doctors at the event. Even if one bullet point resonates with you and helps you with a current condition, my trip was a success.

The next event is being held in Nashville, Tennesse on 1st-3rd October, 2020. I hope to see many of you there joining the movement!

In the meantime, for help, advice or cleansing, feel free to reach out;

Jade, X

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