I’ve been searching for clues for the last eight years. Looking for answers that the medical community have not yet been able to provide us with. It’s been an interesting journey and one with many discoveries. I won’t say I have all of the answers, because no one can be sure yet. We just don’t have the right tools, funding and foresight at this moment in time.

With that said, from reading hundreds of books and blogs, learning about other people’s health journeys and experiences, overcoming my own health condition, studying nutrition, following many health advocates on multiple medias, visiting homeopaths, Doctors, Chinese Herbalists and trialling nearly every diet available, I feel like I have quite the understanding when it comes to ill health.

This is what I have concluded to date.

I’ve spoken to you about the importance of our gut health. Without proper digestion we can’t absorb, digest and assimilate nutrients sufficiently, which can quickly lead to malnutrition. It’s home to our microbiome which is now believed to be up to 80% of our immune system. When this becomes imbalanced it sets the scene for bodily inflammation, food sensitivities and toxins to build up. Therefore keeping our guts healthy and happy should be a top priority for everyone.

Next, I spoke to you about environmental toxins and our body’s ability to remove these from our body. This is what makes our liver’s job so incredibly important, because one of its functions is to detox us from every chemical we receive. With the world more toxic than ever before, it’s no surprise that our livers are often found in disrepair. Looking at ways to improve and help our liver is crucial for good health. Not only that but by minimising the amount of toxins we obtain on a daily basis, this could be one of the biggest things you do for your health. A toxic body destroys our gut health.

This combination of a toxic body with a malfunctioning gut, leave us vulnerable to opportunist pathogens. These pathogens can include bacterias, viruses and parasites.

It’s interesting to point out that any one of these three factors can occur first and lead on to one or both of the other areas of ill health. Pathogens can be passed on from mother to baby, which only as we mature do we discover. That’s mainly because the microbiome of the mother is passed onto her baby, including any imbalanced microbiome and pathogens living within it. This is why often people believe they have inherited genes and thus the illness they’re now battling. What it likely means is that the same type of pathogen is wreaking havoc in your body, and through diet and lifestyle factors your microbiome has deteriorated (and therefore your immune system). This has given the pathogen the opportunity to grow stronger, with your body growing weaker as we ingest more and more toxins.

For example, Hashimotos Thyroiditis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. When we think auto immune disease is our body attacking itself, it’s in fact our body attacking a bacteria or virus that our medical tests cannot yet identify. Our body would never try to destroy itself, it’s much too sophisticated for that kind of mishap.

Contrary to popular belief, we can also pick up parasites in this country. With poor gut health, bad bacteria, fungus and a low immune system, this is the perfect environment for these little critters to take up residency. These have also been linked to many health conditions, including acne. Once we detoxify and parasite cleanse, acne slowly starts to disappear, as I discovered myself.

Parasites can be picked up in undercooked meat, pork, seafood, from our pets, contaminated tap water, infected persons, unsanitary places, public toilets, and with free movement and imported food, there’s really no end to where these parasites could be lurking. They could also have been transferred at birth.

There are often multiple factors at play when we start to experience poor health, because once the scene is set, it allows for further disease to develop. Each area having a knock on effect with the other and taking us down a deadly path of disease.

Fortunately for us the body has an incredible ability to heal. Once we use the right foods, herbs and protocols, to tackle all three of the issues potentially at play, we begin on the road to recovery. The problem with Western medicine is that Doctors are too quick to prescribe Antibiotics. This over consumption over the decades has caused bacteria strains to strengthen and become resistant, such as EBV. Once a friendly virus, this has now strengthened and mutated, causing us chronic illness.

We don’t need more man-made chemicals to treat disease brought on by man-made chemicals. What we need is to go back to nature because that’s where all of the answers and real medicine lies. To feed our bodies with real food rather than “food-like” products. Once we work with our bodies rather than against them, then we will discover true, vibrant health.

For help healing the body, join us on the wellness programme. Alternatively, email us for a private chat at; thewellnessprogramme@outlook.com

Jade, X

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