Auto-immune disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, lupus, interstitial cystitis, parkinsons, crohns disease, insulin-dependent diabetes, psoriasis, emphysema and many more. This list continues to expand to include most degenerative diseases.

Auto-immune disease occurs when a particular type of tissue in the body is in a chronic inflammatory state and aggressive cytokines stimulate destructive processes which severely damage these tissues. This chronic inflammation can be caused by metabolic sediment, gluten deposits in tissues, gut dysbiosis, parasites, stealth infections and more.

What it’s important to understand is that it’s NOT the immune system attacking normal tissues as is commonly believed. It is instead tissues which have been altered and no longer appear normal. This is why when these tissues no longer have sediments, toxins, parasites or hidden infections altering them, we can stop this process and begin to heal.

We need to protect the tissues from free radical damage with adequate antioxidants, reduce inflammation with an anti-inflammatory diet and high nutrition, and help the immune cells respond properly to self-destruct instructions. The longer someone has suffered with an auto immune disease, the more body tissue has been destroyed and the longer it takes to rescue this tissue. That’s why it’s so important to listen to your body and take action when symptoms are first experienced.

The tissues affected by autoimmunity vary according to the tissues’ affinity for a particular toxin. For instance phenols – toxins which come from plastics – have a special affinity for blood vessel walls, and end to accumulate there. Swelling and inflammation of blood vessel walls is known as vasculitis and is common in people with severe chemical sensitivities. There is already growing evidence that Parkinson’s disease is linked to pesticide exposure. Whether this leads to disease depends on an individual’s liver function and ability to break down synthetic chemicals.

This is why one of the best ways you can support your body, improve / maintain good health and reduce your risk of an auto immune disease, is to limit your toxin exposure and cleanse your body. A clean liver is going to be able to process chemicals and detoxify your body much easier than someone with an overburdened liver. The wellness programme can therefore help both those looking to protect their health, as well as those looking to heal their body.

If you’re ready to try a new approach, then join hundreds of others who have been through the wellness programme, and seen the results for themselves.

To health and happiness,

Jade X

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