It’s true, we all have parasites and yet, no one is talking about it.

Somewhere along the way this knowledge stopped reaching us. Back in history we had parasite cleansing herbs in our diets and thus parasite infections were not the epidemic they are today (rising chronic illness rates and cancer stats). We’ve always had them and that’s not the problem. Just like bacteria is on every surface, parasites live in every organism. When we regularly cleanse our body of parasites we maintain good health, it’s when we don’t (and we eat a diet that feeds parasites and suppresses our immunity) that we begin to develop disease.

In Indian cultures turmeric was always used to spice their curries as a natural parasite cleanser. Italians used oregano and garlic, the japanese used wasabi, the mexicans used hot chilli and cayenne pepper, we each had our parasitic herbs. In Equador they drink castor oil and orange juice every few months to cleanse their bodies. However over time, these recipes and traditions have become lost and we now just treat food as a pleasure. We eat a food because it tastes good or it makes us feel a certain way; happy, comforted, satisfied. This shift in thinking has proven deadly as we’re now a nation battling chronic diseases at a startling rate and cancer has now risen to 1 in 2. Clearly we’re doing something very wrong.

It’s important to note that cancer is a state of toxicity and not a viral disease. It’s when our cells are not receiving oxygen and the body then becomes internally acidic and toxic. Our cell’s ability to receive oxygen depends on the foods we’re eating. Is your diet full of foods which are alive and full of nutrients (fruit, vegetables), or is it dead food (refined, processed, “junk”)?

Where do we pick up parasites?

Contrary to what you probably think, it’s not just in unsanitary conditions and third world countries that we pick up these pesky critters. Children are very susceptible, mainly because they hate washing their hands, touch everything they see and put things in their mouth. We can pick them up from others, which makes public places like schools, doctors offices, hospitals, etc all places where we’re also vulnerable to attack. They’re also on fruits and vegetables – any foods that are raw, so make sure you wash them thoroughly before consuming. You get parasites from meat even if it’s cooked, but especially if you like your meat rare. You get parasites from other people’s body fluids, so if your partner has parasites, you will too. And you really get parasites if you have a pet or live with/around animals. Ever have your pet lick your face? Then I’m sorry to say but you have tons.

What are the symptoms of parasites?

Well, there are many – and that’s because most conditions and symptoms can be linked back to parasites in some way. They are only present in a toxic body and disease can only form in a toxic body, so you can see the link. You can eat the healthiest diet in the world but if you don’t take care of your parasites, they will be stealing your nutrients and you’ll struggle to improve your health, simply because you’re not getting the benefits.

Common symptoms (as listed by Organic Olivia):

gas and bloating
painful menstruation
irritable bowel syndrome
joint and muscle aches
cravings, especially sugar
skin conditions – mostly irritation/itching at nose, ears, eyes, anus – but also potentially rashes, hives, eczema
sleep disorders
hyperactivity, anxiety
teeth grinding
chronic fatigue
fuzzy thinking
runny nose
blisters on lower lip inside mouth
loss of appetite
bad taste in the mouth
vomiting (may return several times a year)
weight gain OR may have trouble gaining weight, children especially
long-term presence may contribute to the development of food allergies
dark areas under eyes
yeast/candida infection, especially if it returns

painful menstrual cramps – parasites in the uterus 

If we think about it, we de-worm out pets so why don’t we de-worm ourselves? It doesn’t make sense. This is a tradition that we need to reintroduce before it’s too late. Before many more people suffer chronically and unnecessarily, just because they don’t have this information. Being free from disease really is this simple.

The first place parasites tend to go is the intestines, which is why our illnesses often start with poor gut health. Ever heard the phrase “all disease starts in the gut”? – that’s exactly where they start wreaking their havoc. This is the perfect time to cleanse before your symptoms develop further.

So how do you parasite cleanse?

Step 1. We must weaken the parasites. Whilst you’re fighting for your health, these critters are fighting for their lives. This is why getting rid of parasites can be a bit tricky – the longer you’ve had them, the more deep rooted they’ll be.

This involves changing your diet to avoid the foods that feed them and that instead feed and nourish your body. You want a strong immune system if you’re taking these on. That’s fresh foods, vegetables and salad, only the highest quality meat and eggs, wild fish, nuts and seeds, and plenty of filtered water.

Step 2. Include parasitic herbs. There are many available and will vary depending on whether you’re a complete beginner or are looking for something a bit stronger.

Alongside this, include garlic, turmeric, oregano, cloves, cinnamon and ginger into your daily diet, as often as possible. Throwing these into a curry can be an easy and effective way to get a powerful dose!

Step 3. Make sure your bowels are moving. It’s one thing to help your body purge them, but your body has to be able to expel them when the time comes. If you suffer from chronic constipation or irregular bowel movements, then you may benefit from colon cleansing either prior or during the cleanse. This is the one I recommend; Colon Cleanse

Step 4. Complete a full cleanse. The above will assist your body in beginning to take back control, then you’ll be ready to conduct a full cleanse. This is designed to change the internal environment and make it a hostile place for them to live. This can include a heavy metal detox, kidney cleansing, liver cleansing and additional parasite cleansing.

Remember, the bottom line is we’re either feeding our bodies or we’re feeding the parasites, so be careful which foods you choose. To heal or to hinder, to thrive or to suffer, to health or to sickness – you get to make that choice every single day.

For a step by step guide and a full cleansing protocol, join us on the wellness programme! Or for a private discussion, please email;


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