Many of us love a morning cup of coffee. It helps us wake up, lifts our mood and enables us to get through more in the day. We work out better, we get more work done and feel overall that bit more productive – or does it?

There is a popular book called “Caffeine Blues” which goes into detail about all the dangers of coffee, so for anyone who wants to deep dive into it, this is the book for you. I’ll link it here;

A few exerts;

“Caffeine gives you more energy – wrong, in fact, this is just chemical stimulation. The perceived energy comes from the body’s struggle to adapt to increased blood levels of stress hormones. Long term use of caffeine can actually reduce your energy.”

“There is lots of evidence that caffeine plays a heavy role in both depression and anxiety, including panic attacks and psychiatric disorders” – a large amount of studies are referenced in the book and it’s even recognised here on Wikipedia;

I’ll highlight a few of the key dangers from my own research;

  • It’s highly acidic and an acidic internal environment, is an environment in which disease can be born. When our environment is slightly alkaline, this is optimum health and a disease free body. It would be very difficult to achieve this healthy pH all the while we are consuming acidic coffee, especially when being consumed multiple times a day.
  • It’s often high in mould. Due to the beans being grown in humid climates, when these are picked and stored, it’s very common for mould to grow because of the damp, heat environment. Each country performs tests on the coffee beans when they enter their country. When there is more mould than that country allows, it is sent back or to another country that has lower standard. America has one of the lowest standards for coffee, so China for example, will send their refused coffee on to them. It’s important to state that ANY amount of mould is dangerous. Therefore these tests are not entirely helpful, because we shouldn’t be allowing for any mould in our coffee. Drinking coffee with mould day in, day out, over time can lead to chronic illness.
  • Coffee beans are one of the most highly sprayed crops IN THE WORLD. Every time you have a cup of non-organic coffee, you’re also drinking pesticides, herbacides, fungacides and other chemical residues. These are toxic to the body and means our liver has to process these into safe, excretable products to be removed from the body. This puts extra burden on our liver which is already under stress due to the toxic environments we now find ourselves in.
  • You know that sudden urge you get to poo after having a coffee? That’s not the coffee doing a good job of keeping you regular, that’s the body’s attempt at removing what it considers to be “poison”. If you rely on coffee for bowel movements, you need to be very careful, as there are underlying issues if you’re unable to pass bowel movements regularly without stimulation.

Let’s touch on symptoms and conditions related to coffee consumption. If you have any of these, I would recommend 5 weeks without coffee to see if they improve (5 weeks is how long it takes the effects of coffee to finally leave the body);

  • Atrial Fib – this is a heart condition which Doctors are now linking to coffee consumption and it’s on the rise. After a lifetime of coffee drinking, AF starts to show itself as you approach 40/50.
  • Chronic UTIs – the acidic state of the body can lead to an increased risk of infection, as this is the perfect environment for microbes and bad bacteria to thrive.
  • Headaches / migraines – caused by the mould in the coffee and/or dehydrating effects.
  • Anxiety – this has been studied a lot and there is a clear link between caffeine and anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
  • Adrenal fatigue – daily caffeine consumption leaves the adrenals endlessly pumping out adrenaline, on and off, on and off, on and off, which is a stress response in the body. Over time, this can wear out our adrenals and result in a long term energy slump. This is called adrenal fatigue.
  • Insomnia – the body is worked up, adrenaline pumping, adrenals over-worked, mind whirling, anxiety going… sleep won’t be able to happen in an environment like that. Lay off coffee and see if your sleep improves. It can take a while to get your body back into equilibrium.

If you simply cannot live without your daily dose of coffee, then this is what I recommend to at least improve the coffee you’re drinking. Don’t get me wrong – coffee is something I enjoy too, but long term I know I need to give it a kick. Meanwhile, I’m choosing what I believe to be the best option and drinking it on occasion.

David Asprey, creator of Bulletproof coffee, used to experience headaches every time he had a cup. He discovered it was in fact the mould causing these issues. When he removed the mould, they completely disappeared. This led him to create his famous mould free coffee; “Bulletproof”. There is also “Lean” coffee too. Both of these are also low acid AND organic, so you wipe out three issues in one with these options. Otherwise, purchasing organic coffee avoids getting a double dosage of chemicals with your coffee and does your liver a big favour. We can also neutralise some of the acid in regular coffee by using 1/6 teaspoon of cardamom in every cup. A couple of tweaks to your morning routine and your health is very much improved. I would also recommend only 1 cup of coffee a day.

This is the coffee I use;

You also need a filter for it, like this;

Please don’t forget to check who funds the “mainstream” studies. The ones that the BBC and Yahoo news push, telling us “coffee is healthy”. Bill Gates, one of world’s richest and most influential men, helped get Starbucks off the ground and makes considerable profits for their success. He also has media corporations and scientists on his payroll, who are more than happy to create studies with a desired result. It’s only half a story to find a study and read the outcome. The other half is knowing who funded it and where their interests lie. I tell you this information to help you and improve your health and life, I have no other motive. I always urge you to do your own research and be your own health advocate.

To learn more about how to improve your lifestyle, download my 7 steps to wellness guide.

Stay health and happy,

Jade X

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